BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
abc802screenshot: allow screenshots to be sent to a directoryH. Peter Anvin3 years
hwsurfacesdlscrn: limit the frequency of updatesH. Peter Anvin3 years
mainabcmem: a few more sensical suboption names for meg80H. Peter Anvin3 weeks
sdl2sdlscrn: move atexit(SDL_Quit) above SDL_Init()H. Peter Anvin10 months
use_timerUse an asynchronous timer instead of polling nstime()H. Peter Anvin3 years
vsyncsdlscrn.c: unlikely() around error conditionH. Peter Anvin3 years
abc80sim-3.5.2abc80sim-3.5.2.tar.gz  abc80sim-3.5.2.tar.xz  abc80sim-3.5.2.zip  H. Peter Anvin9 months
abc80sim-3.5.1abc80sim-3.5.1.tar.gz  abc80sim-3.5.1.tar.xz  abc80sim-3.5.1.zip  H. Peter Anvin9 months
abc80sim-3.5abc80sim-3.5.tar.gz  abc80sim-3.5.tar.xz  abc80sim-3.5.zip  H. Peter Anvin9 months
abc80sim-3.4abc80sim-3.4.tar.gz  abc80sim-3.4.tar.xz  abc80sim-3.4.zip  H. Peter Anvin3 years
abc80sim-3.3abc80sim-3.3.tar.gz  abc80sim-3.3.tar.xz  abc80sim-3.3.zip  H. Peter Anvin3 years
abc80sim-3.2abc80sim-3.2.tar.gz  abc80sim-3.2.tar.xz  abc80sim-3.2.zip  H. Peter Anvin3 years
abc80sim-3.1abc80sim-3.1.tar.gz  abc80sim-3.1.tar.xz  abc80sim-3.1.zip  H. Peter Anvin3 years
abc80sim-3.0abc80sim-3.0.tar.gz  abc80sim-3.0.tar.xz  abc80sim-3.0.zip  H. Peter Anvin3 years
abc80sim-3,0-rc7abc80sim-3,0-rc7.tar.gz  abc80sim-3,0-rc7.tar.xz  abc80sim-3,0-rc7.zip  H. Peter Anvin3 years
abc80sim-3.0-rc6abc80sim-3.0-rc6.tar.gz  abc80sim-3.0-rc6.tar.xz  abc80sim-3.0-rc6.zip  H. Peter Anvin3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2018-09-25sdlscrn.c: unlikely() around error conditionvsyncH. Peter Anvin1-1/+1
2018-09-25Only call SDL_PollEvent() from the vsync interruptH. Peter Anvin5-57/+100
2018-09-25Merge branch 'hwsurface' into vsyncH. Peter Anvin1-30/+21
2018-09-23Generate the screen redraw from the simulated vsync interruptH. Peter Anvin4-21/+37
2018-09-23sdlscrn: limit the frequency of updateshwsurfaceH. Peter Anvin1-4/+15
2018-09-22screenshot: handle RGBA images that get converted to indexedH. Peter Anvin1-9/+28
2018-09-22screenshot: an SDL indexed surface cannot have an alpha channelH. Peter Anvin1-1/+2
2018-09-22screenshot.c: allow dumping any format, including RGBAH. Peter Anvin1-35/+75
2018-09-22screenshot: make screenshotting code genericH. Peter Anvin1-41/+65
2018-09-22sdlscrn: make it possible to render into a surface other than rscreenH. Peter Anvin1-73/+112