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* Rename *.S to *.asm to support case-insensitive filesystemsH. Peter Anvin2013-03-041-263/+0
* Add -*- asm -*- tags for emacs' benefitH. Peter Anvin2013-03-041-1/+1
* Add MIT license headersH. Peter Anvin2013-03-021-0/+27
* utf.S: source is fs:siH. Peter Anvin2013-02-261-4/+4
* utf.S: use the DOS filename upper case table correctlyH. Peter Anvin2013-02-251-1/+7
* utf: proper conversions to and from Unicode, including caseH. Peter Anvin2013-02-251-1/+81
* checkpoint: cp-to-utf conversion now includes case conversionH. Peter Anvin2013-02-251-17/+96
* Build a proper UTF-8 tableH. Peter Anvin2013-02-211-2/+15
* utf.S: codepage to UTF-8 conversion functionH. Peter Anvin2013-02-201-0/+58