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qmcyc2sk.pins: QMTech Cyclone IV Starter Kit
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+# Pin list for the QMTech Cyclone IV Starter Kit
+# 50 MHz input clock (specified as clock_50 for consistency)
+i2 clock_50
+# SPI flash
+e2 fl_ce_n
+k1 fl_miso
+d1 fl_mosi
+k2 fl_sck
+# Single switch and pushbutton
+e3 led_n
+j4 key_n
+l5 jtag_tdi
+l4 jtag_tdo
+l2 jtag_tck
+l1 jtag_tms
+# 40-pin GPIO header
+c22 gpio[3]
+b22 gpio[5]
+h20 gpio[7]
+f20 gpio[9]
+c20 gpio[11]
+c19 gpio[13]
+c17 gpio[15]
+a20 gpio[17]
+a19 gpio[19]
+a18 gpio[21]
+a17 gpio[23]
+a16 gpio[25]
+a15 gpio[27]
+a14 gpio[29]
+a13 gpio[31]
+a10 gpio[33]
+a9 gpio[35]
+c21 gpio[4]
+b21 gpio[6]
+h19 gpio[8]
+f19 gpio[10]
+d20 gpio[12]
+d19 gpio[14]
+d17 gpio[16]
+b20 gpio[18]
+b19 gpio[20]
+b18 gpio[22]
+b17 gpio[24]
+b16 gpio[26]
+b15 gpio[28]
+b14 gpio[30]
+b13 gpio[32]
+b10 gpio[34]
+b9 gpio[36]
+# "Camera interface" (JP1, really just another set of GPIO pins)
+# Note that [4:3] have 4.7k pull-ups, so don't output GND
+# when not necessary.
+a8 camio[3]
+a7 camio[5]
+a6 camio[7]
+a5 camio[9]
+a4 camio[11]
+a3 camio[13]
+b1 camio[15]
+c1 camio[17]
+b8 camio[4]
+b7 camio[6]
+b6 camio[8]
+b5 camio[10]
+b4 camio[12]
+b3 camio[14]
+b2 camio[16]
+c2 camio[18]
+# Each row (upper and lower) of the two PMODs; the lower side is
+# the one numbered 7-12 in the 12-pin Pmod spec.
+# pmod0 is J10, pmod1 is J11.
+j1 pmod0u[1]
+h1 pmod0u[2]
+f1 pmod0u[3]
+e1 pmod0u[4]
+j2 pmod0l[1]
+h2 pmod0l[2]
+f2 pmod0l[3]
+d2 pmod0l[4]
+r1 pmod1u[1]
+p1 pmod1u[2]
+n1 pmod1u[3]
+m1 pmod1u[4]
+r2 pmod1l[1]
+p2 pmod1l[2]
+n2 pmod1l[3]
+m2 pmod1l[4]
+# 7-segment LEDs, multiplexed
+y13 s7_en[0]
+w13 s7_en[1]
+v13 s7_en[2]
+v15 s7_n[0]
+u20 s7_n[1]
+w20 s7_n[2]
+y17 s7_n[3]
+w15 s7_n[4]
+w17 s7_n[5]
+u19 s7_n[6]
+w19 s7_n[7]
+# VGA port (5:6:5)
+aa14 vga_b[4]
+ab13 vga_b[3]
+aa15 vga_b[2]
+ab14 vga_b[1]
+ab15 vga_b[0]
+ab16 vga_g[5]
+aa16 vga_g[4]
+ab17 vga_g[3]
+aa17 vga_g[2]
+aa18 vga_g[1]
+ab18 vga_g[0]
+ab19 vga_r[4]
+aa19 vga_r[3]
+ab20 vga_r[2]
+aa20 vga_r[1]
+aa21 vga_r[0]
+aa13 vga_hs
+ab10 vga_vs
+# Serial port (via CP2102 USB bridge)
+y21 tty_rxd
+y22 tty_txd
+# Ethernet GMII
+l21 e_gtxc
+w22 e_mdc
+w21 e_mdio
+n22 e_reset
+f21 e_rxc
+j21 e_rxd[7]
+j22 e_rxd[6]
+h21 e_rxd[5]
+h22 e_rxd[4]
+f22 e_rxd[3]
+e21 e_rxd[2]
+e22 e_rxd[1]
+d21 e_rxd[0]
+d22 e_rxdv
+k22 e_rxer
+r22 e_txc
+v22 e_txd[7]
+u21 e_txd[6]
+u22 e_txd[5]
+r21 e_txd[4]
+p21 e_txd[3]
+p22 e_txd[2]
+n21 e_txd[1]
+m21 e_txd[0]
+m22 e_txen
+v21 e_txer