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+# Global clocks
+# The clock routing on the NIOS board is a little confusing once you mix
+# in all the internal and external requirements. This is how it interacts
+# with all the PLLs; see also fig 2-16 of the Cyclone manual vol 1.
+# Each PLL has two inputs (dedicated pins) and three outputs; two that
+# go to the internal clock trees (c0, c1) and one which goes to a
+# dedicated pin (e0).
+# +-------------------------------+
+# 50 MHz --- clkin --> |>CLK0 ==\ c0-> <-c0 /== CLK2<| <-- pld_clkfb ----+
+# proto1_clkout -----> |>CLK1 PLL1 PLL2 CLK3<| <-- proto2_clkout |
+# +--- pld_clkout ---- | <-e0 ==/ c1-> <-c1 \== e0-> | --> sd_clk(SDRAM) |
+# | +-------------------------------+ |
+# +----------------------------+-------------------------------------------+
+# |
+# +---> proto1_clkin, proto2_clkin, nmd_clkin
+# The Lancelot card sits on PROTO2, and proto2_clkin is the default
+# Lancelot DAC clock.
+k5 clkin
+k6 proto1_clkout
+k14 proto2_clkout
+l8 pld_clkout
+l14 pld_clkfb
+l13 sd_clk
+# Global reset (can also be configured as DEV_CLRn)
+c4 reset_n
+# Lancelot VGA
+u12 vga_r[0]
+v12 vga_r[1]
+t13 vga_r[2]
+r13 vga_r[3]
+y13 vga_r[4]
+w13 vga_r[5]
+u13 vga_r[6]
+v13 vga_r[7]
+t15 vga_g[0]
+w15 vga_g[1]
+y15 vga_g[2]
+u15 vga_g[3]
+v15 vga_g[4]
+v14 vga_g[5]
+u14 vga_g[6]
+y14 vga_g[7]
+t12 vga_b[0]
+t11 vga_b[1]
+w12 vga_b[2]
+y12 vga_b[4]
+w8 vga_b[3]
+y8 vga_b[5]
+v9 vga_b[6]
+u9 vga_b[7]
+t9 vga_hs
+r9 vga_vs
+r14 vga_blank_n
+t14 vga_sync_n
+w14 vga_sync_t
+v11 vga_m1
+u11 vga_m2
+# Lancelot audio
+w9 audio_l
+u10 audio_r
+# Lancelot keyboard/mouse
+w10 ps2_sel
+y10 ps2_kclk
+v10 ps2_kdata
+t10 ps2_mclk
+y9 ps2_mdata
+# CompactFlash connector
+m13 cf_power
+f18 cf_d[3]
+e17 cf_d[4]
+d17 cf_d[5]
+d18 cf_d[6]
+c18 cf_d[7]
+h20 cf_ce1_n
+j15 cf_a[10]
+d13 cf_oe_n
+j20 cf_a[9]
+h14 cf_a[8]
+j14 cf_a[7]
+j17 cf_a[6]
+j18 cf_a[5]
+k15 cf_a[4]
+w18 cf_a[3]
+h19 cf_a[2]
+h18 cf_a[1]
+h17 cf_a[0]
+f20 cf_d[0]
+f15 cf_d[1]
+e19 cf_d[2]
+h16 cf_wp
+b13 cf_cd1_n
+f17 cf_d[11]
+e18 cf_d[12]
+f16 cf_d[13]
+f19 cf_d[14]
+g16 cf_d[15]
+u19 cf_ce2_n
+g19 cf_iord_n
+g20 cf_iowr_n
+v18 cf_we_n
+g17 cf_rdy
+g14 cf_wait_n
+v19 cf_inpack_n
+u20 cf_reg_n
+j16 cf_bvd2
+j19 cf_bvd1
+c19 cf_d[8]
+d19 cf_d[9]
+d20 cf_d[10]
+m2 sd_a[0]
+m1 sd_a[1]
+m6 sd_a[2]
+m4 sd_a[3]
+j8 sd_a[4]
+j7 sd_a[5]
+j6 sd_a[6]
+j5 sd_a[7]
+j4 sd_a[8]
+j3 sd_a[9]
+h6 sd_a[10]
+h5 sd_a[11]
+h7 sd_ba[0]
+h1 sd_ba[1]
+m5 sd_dq[0]
+m3 sd_dq[1]
+m7 sd_dq[2]
+n6 sd_dq[3]
+n1 sd_dq[4]
+n2 sd_dq[5]
+n4 sd_dq[6]
+n3 sd_dq[7]
+n5 sd_dq[8]
+n7 sd_dq[9]
+p7 sd_dq[10]
+p2 sd_dq[11]
+p1 sd_dq[12]
+p6 sd_dq[13]
+p5 sd_dq[14]
+p3 sd_dq[15]
+p4 sd_dq[16]
+r1 sd_dq[17]
+r2 sd_dq[18]
+r6 sd_dq[19]
+r5 sd_dq[20]
+r3 sd_dq[21]
+r4 sd_dq[22]
+t4 sd_dq[23]
+t2 sd_dq[24]
+t3 sd_dq[25]
+u1 sd_dq[26]
+u4 sd_dq[27]
+u2 sd_dq[28]
+u3 sd_dq[29]
+v3 sd_dq[30]
+v2 sd_dq[31]
+j2 sd_dqm[0]
+j1 sd_dqm[1]
+h4 sd_dqm[2]
+h3 sd_dqm[3]
+h2 sd_ras_n
+g3 sd_cas_n
+g7 sd_cke
+g6 sd_cs_n
+g4 sd_we_n
+# The only PROTO1 expansion connectors not shared with CF
+g15 p1_a21
+h15 p1_a28
+g18 p1_a29
+u18 p1_a38
+p27 p1_clkout
+# Serial ports
+m16 ttya_dcd
+m14 ttya_txd
+k16 ttya_rxd
+m15 ttya_dtr
+m20 ttya_dsr
+k19 ttya_rts
+j13 ttya_cts
+m19 ttya_ri
+a13 ttyb_txd
+c13 ttyb_rxd
+# Displays (0 = LSB, 1 = MSB)
+# For each digit, the segments a-g followed by dp
+u6 s7_0[0]
+v6 s7_0[1]
+w7 s7_0[2]
+y7 s7_0[3]
+r7 s7_0[4]
+t8 s7_0[5]
+v7 s7_0[6]
+u7 s7_0[7]
+t5 s7_1[0]
+u5 s7_1[1]
+v5 s7_1[2]
+w5 s7_1[3]
+t6 s7_1[4]
+t7 s7_1[5]
+w6 s7_1[6]
+y6 s7_1[7]
+# Plain LEDs
+e14 led[0]
+e13 led[1]
+c14 led[2]
+d14 led[3]
+e12 led[4]
+f12 led[5]
+b3 led[6]
+b14 led[7]
+# Pushbutton switches
+w3 sw[0]
+y4 sw[1]
+v4 sw[2]
+w4 sw[3]
+# Shared bus table (names per NIOS devel kit manual)
+# This bus contains the flash, SRAM, and Ethernet
+b4 fse_a[0]
+a4 fse_a[1]
+d5 fse_a[2]
+d6 fse_a[3]
+c5 fse_a[4]
+b5 fse_a[5]
+c2 fse_a[6]
+d2 fse_a[7]
+d4 fse_a[8]
+d1 fse_a[9]
+e4 fse_a[10]
+e5 fse_a[11]
+f3 fse_a[12]
+e3 fse_a[13]
+e2 fse_a[14]
+f4 fse_a[15]
+f5 fse_a[16]
+f2 fse_a[17]
+f1 fse_a[18]
+f6 fse_a[19]
+g5 fse_a[20]
+g1 fse_a[21]
+g2 fse_a[22]
+c6 fse_d[0]
+e6 fse_d[1]
+b6 fse_d[2]
+a6 fse_d[3]
+f7 fse_d[4]
+e7 fse_d[5]
+b7 fse_d[6]
+a7 fse_d[7]
+d7 fse_d[8]
+c7 fse_d[9]
+f8 fse_d[10]
+e8 fse_d[11]
+b8 fse_d[12]
+a8 fse_d[13]
+d8 fse_d[14]
+c8 fse_d[15]
+b9 fse_d[16]
+a9 fse_d[17]
+d9 fse_d[18]
+c9 fse_d[19]
+e9 fse_d[20]
+e10 fse_d[21]
+b10 fse_d[22]
+a10 fse_d[23]
+f10 fse_d[24]
+c10 fse_d[25]
+d10 fse_d[26]
+c11 fse_d[27]
+d11 fse_d[28]
+b11 fse_d[29]
+a11 fse_d[30]
+e11 fse_d[31]
+a12 flash_cs_n
+b12 flash_oe_n
+d12 flash_rw_n
+c12 flash_ry_by_n
+v17 sram_be_n[0]
+v16 sram_be_n[1]
+w16 sram_be_n[2]
+t16 sram_be_n[3]
+w17 sram_cs_n
+y17 sram_oe_n
+u16 sram_we_n
+a14 enet_ads_n
+b15 enet_aen
+c16 enet_be_n[0]
+b16 enet_be_n[1]
+d16 enet_be_n[2]
+e16 enet_be_n[3]
+b17 enet_cycle_n
+c15 enet_datacs_n
+d15 enet_intrq0
+f14 enet_iochrdy
+a15 enet_ior_n
+e15 enet_iow_n
+c17 enet_lclk
+d3 enet_ldev_n
+b18 enet_rdyrtn_n
+a17 enet_w_r_n