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+Since autofs-0.3.14:
+* "const-ipated" the source at all module interface points, to keep me
+ from doing stupid things like calling strtok() on a string constant.
+* Minor fix to the autofs(5) man page.
+Since autofs-0.3.13:
+* Simplified the signalling/forking structure.
+* When debugging, leave debug-related signals in the default state.
+* Fixed broken timeouts.
+* Fixed multiple problems involving module destruction.
+* "Shouldn't happen" signals now only get caught once, to avoid
+ looping.
+* SIGHUP now causes a "prune" operation, followed by module
+ reinitialization.
+Since autofs-0.3.12:
+* Added -p, --pid-file option to daemon.
+* Fixed aestetic bug in new spawn() logic.
+* Added new cleanup_exit() function in the daemon.
+* Added signal handling to some cases that were improperly dealt with.
+* Integrated new sample stuff from Miquel van Smoorenburg and
+ Christoph Lameter.
+Since autofs-0.3.11:
+* Rewrote the spawn() logic to not use stdio at all.
+Since autofs-0.3.10:
+* Added conversion from : -> / in Sun maps, to handle maps which
+ contain "shared mounts". Can be avoided by \-escaping the colon or
+ by passing the option --no-slashify-colons.
+* ${HOST} corrected (was returning the value for ${ARCH}.)
+* Don't free the YP domain name; the documentation says to it but the
+ documentation is wrong.
+Since autofs-0.3.9:
+* Added YPLIBS option to Makefile.rules to support compiling for glibc.
+* Distributing include/linux/auto_fs.h with the daemon one again, to
+ avoid version skew problems.
+* Made \-escaping work (hopefully) correctly.
+* Added dlerror() output to error message when dlopen() returns an error.
+Since autofs-0.3.8:
+* Missed at least one place where a SIGCHLD gunked up a waitpid() in
+ 0.3.8. Fixed.
+* More documentation and init script fixes from Christoph (with some
+ edits from yours truly, since I'm an opininated bastard who likes
+ things done my way.)
+* Added check to lookup_program.c: no output at all == error.
+Since autofs-0.3.7:
+* Removed kernel code from distribution, except for 2.0.30 diff (will
+ remain until 2.0.31 is released.) Kernel code will now only be
+ included with the main kernel distribution, although Makefiles will
+ continue to support building the kernel code.
+* Tried to eliminate race conditions relating to signals received in
+ the vicinity of a fork(), as well as multiple SIGCHLD signals
+ received while SIGCHLD blocked.
+* Better sample rc file and man pages from Christoph Lameter of the
+ Debian project, with edits from hpa.
+* In mount_smbfs.c: smb_parse_options() is destructive; make it
+ operate on a copy of the options string.
+Since autofs-0.3.6:
+* Kernel code should now compile on 2.1.43 or higher.
+* Minor cleanup of stdout/stderr redirect.
+* Fixed this file!
+Since autofs-0.3.5:
+* stdout/stderr of subprograms (only stderr for program maps, of
+ course) now is automatically redirected to the syslog. As a result,
+ the spawn[lv]() interface has changed somewhat.
+* kernel: minor bug fixes.
+* daemon: minor cleanup.
+* Now compiles (and runs) on SPARC.
+* daemon: Should now handle extremely short timeouts, or no timeouts,
+ correctly.
+Since autofs-0.3.4:
+* kernel: *Hopefully* fixed the wait queue list corruption (kernel
+ NULL pointer dereference) bug.
+Since autofs-0.3.3:
+* kernel: *Hopefully* fixed that annoying "filesystem busy" bug.
+Since autofs-0.3.2:
+* Added "mount_generic" and "mount_smbfs" modules.
+* Support ":" to escape a mount point beginning with "/" in a Sun map.
+* Support -fstype= option in Sun maps.
+Since autofs-0.3.1:
+* kernel: effectivized handling of waits interrupted by a signal.
+* kernel: closed some extremely theoretical security holes.
+* kernel: fixed two problems that could lead to kernel oopses.
+Since autofs-0.3.0:
+* The kernel code should once again work on kernel 2.0.30 and 2.1.x
+ for x < 36.
+* No need to fork an expiry process if there is nothing to expire!
+* Attempting to mount a nonexistent directory should no longer leave a
+ pad directory around, causing renewed mount attempts on "ls".
+* Timeout is now adjustible (set to 0 to turn off timeouts completely.)
+Since autofs-0.2.2:
+* Support expiry of idle mounts; currently the timeout is fixed at 5
+ minutes.
+* Ship kernel source that can be built either as a part of the autofs
+ or the kernel source trees.
+* Ought to compile on the Alpha, although I cannot test it here.
+Since autofs-0.2.1:
+* Can now read options and ignore whitespace and comments in Sun maps.
+* Does closing the file descriptors after forking help avoid hung
+ filesystems?
+Since autofs-0.2.0:
+* Cleaned up the interface between modules (not perfect yet; I was
+ even quite tempted to rewrite the interface using C++ classes,
+ but...) Do expect the interface to still change, for example:
+ expect a umount method to be added to the mount module. Strings
+ passed are now managed by the calling module, and can be allocated
+ in any desirable way.
+* Moved mount operation to its own module.
+* Handle options passed on the command line; not options passed in the map yet.
+* Handle $-escapes in Sun style maps, including the Sun predefined
+ variables.
+* New "program" map type: the map is an executable which is passed the
+ key on the command line, and writes the map entry to stdout on
+ success and exit 0, or exit 1 on failure.
+Since autofs-970417:
+* Use a real versioning scheme :)
+* Fixed bugs that would make file maps unmountable. Still don't quite
+ understand *why*, which bugs me, though...
+* Man page by B. James Phillippe.
+Since autofs-970409:
+* Modified the .so interface slightly, in order to make it possible
+ for future versions to have multiple lookup sessions.
+* Added "file" map type.
+Since autofs-970402:
+* The parsing module has been factored out into a separate dynamic
+ module. This should make writing other lookup modules much easier.
+* The automount daemon now accepts kill -USR1 as a "unmount all
+ filesystems and exit if everything could be unmounted" and kill
+ -USR2 "unmount all non-busy filesystems". Prelude to handling
+ timeouts, I hope.
+* The autofs code is now integrated in kernels 2.1.31 and above (a
+ patch for the 2.1.31 code is included, however; 2.1.32 is correct);
+ a patch is included for 2.0.30 and has been submitted to Linus for
+ inclusion in 2.0.31.
+* include/linux/auto_fs.h is no longer shipped in the tools
+ distribution; the one from the kernel should be used, so you need
+ the (appropriately patched) kernel sources in /usr/src/linux.
+* added NEWS and README files.