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Make autofs self-configuring (using autoconf)
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+-*- text -*-
+The following options can be given to configure:
+Install directory
+autofs usually installs in /usr, with the daemon in /usr/sbin, the man
+pages in /usr/man, and the modules in /usr/lib/autofs. You can change
+the install root with the option
+ --prefix=<root_prefix>
+For example, to install autofs under /usr/local, please specify:
+ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
+NOTICE TO DISTRIBUTORS: Don't use this option if you want to install
+autofs in a temporary directory that isn't the final destination (for
+example, if you are making an autofs package for a distribution.)
+Instead, you can do
+ make install INSTALLROOT=/tmp/install
+... which will install all files relative to /tmp/install.
+Hesiod support
+To enable Hesiod support, if your Hesiod library isn't installed in
+/usr/lib with the include files in /usr/include, please specify the
+ --with-hesiod=<hesiod_root>
+For example, if your Hesiod library lives in /usr/athena/lib and the
+include files in /usr/athena/include, please specify:
+ ./configure --with-hesiod=/usr/athena