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Make autofs self-configuring (using autoconf)
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+-*- text -*-
autofs is a kernel-based automounter for Linux. It is still under
development, although it seems to be stabilizing relatively quickly.
-To build autofs, please inspect Makefile.rules and include/automount.h
-to see if there are any options you need to change, then you can:
+To build autofs, please run:
+ ./configure
+to configure the system. See README.options for options that you can
+give configure.
+After configuring, you can:
make ... make the daemon and modules
make install ... install the daemon and modules
-IMPORTANT: If you are building on a glibc system, or want to build
-hesiod or NIS+ support, you *MUST* change the options at the top of
The kernel code is no longer distributed with the autofs daemon; it is
now only distributed with the kernel code. A diff is included for
kernel version 2.0.30; autofs will be included directly into 2.0.31