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Add LDAP support; update TODO list.
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autofs v3 TODO list
-* The autofs v3 project is closed, except for bugfixes. I may or may
- not choose to accept feature enhancements written by other people;
- please contact me directly.
+* I am accepting minor changes to autofs v3 such as additional
+ modules. No major changes.
autofs v4 TODO list
-* Completely rewritten kernel protocol, use multithreading rather than
- processes in the daemon.
+* autofs 4 is developed by Jeremy Fitzhardinge. It supports
+ multimounts without being quite as radical a departure
+ architecturally.
+autofs v5 TODO list
+* Completely rewritten kernel protocol, using the new VFS features
+ introduced by Alexander Viro for the 2.4 kernel series.
+* Use multithreading rather than processes in the daemon.
* Support multimount entries. (Quite messy: can't unmount the
tree as a unit, probably needs locking while constructing the tree,
and needs scaffolding if no entry for /. Appears *very* difficult
to do without threading!)
* /net support: need hostname resolver module (easy) as well as mountd
query (easy) plus all the multimount entry stuff...
+* Direct mount support.
+* (Hopefully) some kind of inode spoofing to support browsable
+ directories.