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Merged in Hesiod and NIS+ support; updated NEWS, TODO and COPYRIGHT files.
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-autofs TODO list
+autofs v3 TODO list
+* Additional lookup modules: [ng]dbm, db/hash...
+* Document the intermodule interface.
+autofs v4 TODO list
+* Completely rewritten kernel protocol, use multithreading rather than
+ processes in the daemon.
* Support multimount entries. (Quite messy: can't unmount the
tree as a unit, probably needs locking while constructing the tree,
and needs scaffolding if no entry for /. Appears *very* difficult
to do without threading!)
* /net support: need hostname resolver module (easy) as well as mountd
query (easy) plus all the multimount entry stuff...
-* Additional lookup modules: [ng]dbm, db/hash, (hesiod?)...
-* Document the intermodule interface.
-* Clean up the kernel protocol; it is a bit too confining at the
- moment to allow for independent releases of the daemon and the
- kernel code.