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The functionality of converting map options to smbmnt arguments is now
-handled by /bin/mount.smbfs, which is shipped with Sakba 2.0.6 or
-later. You therefore needs to make sure yopu hae /bin/mount.smbfs
+handled by /bin/mount.smbfs, which is shipped with Samba 2.0.6 or
+later. You therefore need to make sure you have /bin/mount.smbfs
installed on your system if you plan on using smbfs with autofs.
WARNING: Some versions of Samba incorrectly installs this as
/bin/mount.smb rather than /bin/mount.smbfs. If that is the case on
your system, please link or move /bin/mount.smb to /bin/mount.smbfs.
This is a Samba bug/misfeature and has been reported to the Samba
+maintainers. Samba-2.0.7 and later should get this right.