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@@ -1800,7 +1800,7 @@ S: 2300 Copenhagen S.
S: Denmark
N: Jozsef Kadlecsik
-E: kadlec@blackhole.kfki.hu
+E: kadlec@netfilter.org
P: 1024D/470DB964 4CB3 1A05 713E 9BF7 FAC5 5809 DD8C B7B1 470D B964
D: netfilter: TCP window tracking code
D: netfilter: raw table
@@ -3120,7 +3120,7 @@ S: France
N: Rik van Riel
E: riel@redhat.com
W: http://www.surriel.com/
-D: Linux-MM site, Documentation/sysctl/*, swap/mm readaround
+D: Linux-MM site, Documentation/admin-guide/sysctl/*, swap/mm readaround
D: kswapd fixes, random kernel hacker, rmap VM,
D: nl.linux.org administrator, minor scheduler additions
S: Red Hat Boston
@@ -3364,6 +3364,14 @@ S: Braunschweiger Strasse 79
S: 31134 Hildesheim
S: Germany
+N: Martin Schwidefsky
+D: Martin was the most significant contributor to the initial s390
+D: port of the Linux Kernel and later the maintainer of the s390
+D: architecture backend for almost two decades.
+D: He passed away in 2019, and will be greatly missed.
+S: Germany
+W: https://lwn.net/Articles/789028/
N: Marcel Selhorst
E: tpmdd@selhorst.net
D: TPM driver