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@@ -321,51 +321,6 @@ config IXP4XX_HSS
Say Y here if you want to use built-in HSS ports
on IXP4xx processor.
-config DLCI
- tristate "Frame Relay DLCI support"
- help
- Support for the Frame Relay protocol.
- Frame Relay is a fast low-cost way to connect to a remote Internet
- access provider or to form a private wide area network. The one
- physical line from your box to the local "switch" (i.e. the entry
- point to the Frame Relay network, usually at the phone company) can
- carry several logical point-to-point connections to other computers
- connected to the Frame Relay network. For a general explanation of
- the protocol, check out <http://www.mplsforum.org/>.
- To use frame relay, you need supporting hardware (called FRAD) and
- certain programs from the net-tools package as explained in
- <file:Documentation/networking/framerelay.rst>.
- To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the
- module will be called dlci.
-config DLCI_MAX
- int "Max DLCI per device"
- depends on DLCI
- default "8"
- help
- How many logical point-to-point frame relay connections (the
- identifiers of which are called DCLIs) should be handled by each
- of your hardware frame relay access devices.
- Go with the default.
-config SDLA
- tristate "SDLA (Sangoma S502/S508) support"
- depends on DLCI && ISA
- help
- Driver for the Sangoma S502A, S502E, and S508 Frame Relay Access
- Devices.
- These are multi-protocol cards, but only Frame Relay is supported
- by the driver at this time. Please read
- <file:Documentation/networking/framerelay.rst>.
- To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the
- module will be called sdla.
# X.25 network drivers
tristate "LAPB over Ethernet driver"