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Update README to describe current supported systems.
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2012-04-27 Joseph Myers <joseph@codesourcery.com>
+ * README: Cut down references to pre-2.6 Linux kernels and
+ Linuxthreads. Update lists of configurations in libc and ports
+ and sort alphabetically. Say "or newer" with Linux kernel version
+ requirements.
* config.h.in [IS_IN_build]: Allow compiling without optimization.
2012-04-27 Ryan S. Arnold <rsa@linux.vnet.ibm.com>
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@@ -17,11 +17,11 @@ GNU/Hurd system, using configurations i[34567]86-*-gnu.
When working with Linux kernels, the GNU C Library version from
version 2.4 on is intended primarily for use with Linux kernel version
2.6.0 and later. We only support using the NPTL implementation of
-pthreads, which is now the default configuration. Most of the C
-library will continue to work on older Linux kernels and many programs
-will not require a 2.6 kernel to run correctly. However, pthreads and
-related functionality will not work at all on old kernels and we do
-not recommend using glibc 2.4 with any Linux kernel prior to 2.6.
+pthreads, which is now the default configuration. The library is
+unlikely to build without NPTL, or to work on Linux kernels prior to
+2.6. The old LinuxThreads add-on implementation of pthreads for older
+Linux kernels is no longer supported, and we are not distributing it
+with this release.
All Linux kernel versions prior to 2.6.16 are known to have some bugs that
may cause some of the tests related to pthreads in "make check" to fail.
@@ -31,45 +31,39 @@ Linux kernel version that you can use, before pursuing those bugs further.
Also note that the shared version of the libgcc_s library must be
installed for the pthread library to work correctly.
-The old LinuxThreads add-on implementation of pthreads for older Linux
-kernels is no longer supported, and we are not distributing it with this
-release. Someone has volunteered to revive its maintenance unofficially
-for at least a short time for the benefit of those using Linux kernels
-older than 2.6, but a working version is not presently available. When
-it is in working condition, we will make it available alongside future
-glibc releases. LinuxThreads will not be supported.
The GNU C Library supports these configurations for using Linux kernels:
- i[34567]86-*-linux-gnu
+ i[4567]86-*-linux-gnu
- powerpc-*-linux-gnu
+ powerpc-*-linux-gnu Hardware floating point required
- ia64-*-linux-gnu
+ sh[34]-*-linux-gnu Requires Linux 2.6.11 or newer
- sh[34]-*-linux-gnu Requires Linux 2.6.11
The code for other CPU configurations supported by volunteers outside of
the core glibc maintenance effort is contained in the separate `ports'
add-on. You can find glibc-ports-VERSION distributed separately in the
same place where you got the main glibc distribution files.
-Currently these configurations are known to work using the `ports' add-on:
+Currently these configurations have code in the `ports' add-on:
- alpha*-*-linux-gnu Requires Linux 2.6.9 for NPTL
- arm-*-linux-gnu Requires Linux 2.6.15 for NPTL, no SMP support
- arm-*-linux-gnueabi Requires Linux 2.6.16-rc1 for NPTL, no SMP
- mips-*-linux-gnu Requires Linux 2.6.12 for NPTL
- mips64-*-linux-gnu Requires Linux 2.6.12 for NPTL
-The ports distribution also contains code for other configurations that
-do not work or have not been maintained recently, but will be of use to
-anyone trying to make a new configuration work. If you are interested
-in doing a port, please contact the glibc maintainers; see
-http://www.gnu.org/software/libc/ for more information.
+ alpha*-*-linux-gnu Requires Linux 2.6.9 or newer for NPTL
+ am33*-*-linux-gnu Not currently functional
+ arm-*-linux-gnueabi Requires Linux 2.6.16-rc1 or newer for NPTL
+ hppa-*-linux-gnu Requires Linux 2.6.9 or newer for NPTL
+ ia64-*-linux-gnu
+ m68k-*-linux-gnu
+ mips-*-linux-gnu Requires Linux 2.6.12 or newer for NPTL
+ mips64-*-linux-gnu Requires Linux 2.6.12 or newer for NPTL
+ powerpc-*-linux-gnu Software floating point (--without-fp)
+ tilegx-*-linux-gnu
+ tilepro-*-linux-gnu
+If you are interested in doing a port, please contact the glibc
+maintainers; see http://www.gnu.org/software/libc/ for more
See the file INSTALL to find out how to configure, build, and install
the GNU C Library. You might also consider reading the WWW pages for