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Linux: Require properly configured /dev/pts for PTYs
Current systems do not have BSD terminals, so the fallback code in posix_openpt/getpt does not do anything. Also remove the file system check for /dev/pts. Current systems always have a devpts file system mounted there if /dev/ptmx exists. grantpt is now essentially a no-op. It only verifies that the argument is a ptmx-descriptor. Therefore, this change indirectly addresses bug 24941. Reviewed-by: Adhemerval Zanella <adhemerval.zanella@linaro.org>
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@@ -218,14 +218,9 @@ increased program load times.
@item --enable-pt_chown
The file @file{pt_chown} is a helper binary for @code{grantpt}
(@pxref{Allocation, Pseudo-Terminals}) that is installed setuid root to
-fix up pseudo-terminal ownership. It is not built by default because
-systems using the Linux kernel are commonly built with the @code{devpts}
-filesystem enabled and mounted at @file{/dev/pts}, which manages
-pseudo-terminal ownership automatically. By using
-@samp{--enable-pt_chown}, you may build @file{pt_chown} and install it
-setuid and owned by @code{root}. The use of @file{pt_chown} introduces
-additional security risks to the system and you should enable it only if
-you understand and accept those risks.
+fix up pseudo-terminal ownership on GNU/Hurd. It is not required on
+GNU/Linux, and @theglibc{} will not use the installed @file{pt_chown}
+program when configured with @option{--enable-pt_chown}.
@item --disable-werror
By default, @theglibc{} is built with @option{-Werror}. If you wish