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The NASM 2 series support x86-64, and is the production version of NASM
since 2007.
+\S{cl-2.09} Version 2.09
+\b Updates of new AVX v7 Intel instruciotns.
+\b PUSH imm32 now officially documented.
+\b Fix for encoding the LFS, LGS and LSS in 64-bit mode.
+\b Fixes for compatibility with Watcom compilers and DOS 8.3 file format.
+\b Macros parameter range expansion introduced.
+\b Backward compatibility on expanging of local sigle macros restored.
+\b 8 bit relocations for ELF and BIN targets are introduced.
+\b Short intersegment jumps are permitted now.
+\b SECTALIGN directive introduced.
+\b No-jump mode introduced for smartaligns.
+\b Short target aliases such as win, elf, macho introduced.
+\b Various small improvements in documentation.
+\b No hang anymore if malloc.log fails on creation.
+\b The environments without vsnprintf function is able to compile nasm again.
+\b AMD LWP instructions updated.
+\b Tighten EA checks. We warn a user if there overflow in EA addressing.
\S{cl-2.08} Version 2.08