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* Autobuild HTML docs for webpageH. Peter Anvin2008-09-221-2/+23
* Automatically pull the git pagesH. Peter Anvin2008-09-221-0/+1
* Don't compress cwsdmpi.exe (not sure if it is permitted or not.)H. Peter Anvin2008-09-031-1/+2
* Produce both UPX:ed and non-UPX:ed versions of the DOS binariesH. Peter Anvin2008-09-031-1/+3
* Make sure we run as nasmbuildH. Peter Anvin2007-12-261-0/+5
* Make the patchdir contain directoriesH. Peter Anvin2007-12-261-3/+4
* Systematic way to force a patch on top of a buildH. Peter Anvin2007-12-261-1/+9
* Add /opt/watcom/bin to pathH. Peter Anvin2007-11-281-1/+1
* Use upx --lzma --best --all-filters, which does the same thing as --ultra-bru...H. Peter Anvin2007-11-021-1/+1
* Initial revisionH. Peter Anvin2007-10-271-0/+14
* Initial revisionH. Peter Anvin2007-10-273-0/+139