BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
3.5xspecfile: install the man pages into %{_mandir}H. Peter Anvin13 years
3.6xDocument GPT boot protocol; add !GPT signatureH. Peter Anvin13 years
bcopyintMake sure we don't use any upper-memory stack during shuffleH. Peter Anvin13 years
broken1gPXE: update to the "kkpxe" branchH. Peter Anvin12 years
btrfsbtrfs: beginning of btrfs supportH. Peter Anvin12 years
core32core: remove hack for dynamic symbol table generationH. Peter Anvin12 years
dynamicread: handle the case of partial data from unreadH. Peter Anvin12 years
elflinkcore: add .stack16 to layout.incH. Peter Anvin12 years
ext4extlinux.asm: update copyright headerH. Peter Anvin12 years
for-3.72klibc/compiler.h: add __weak macroH. Peter Anvin13 years
fsccore: pxe: need to save/restore es around EFI CSM hackH. Peter Anvin12 years
gpxeisoMerge branch 'master' into gpxeisoH. Peter Anvin13 years
hashtblmenu: initial work on hash table for labelsH. Peter Anvin12 years
kkpxegPXE: update to the "kkpxe" branchH. Peter Anvin12 years
luaCOM32: lua - added dmi functionsMarcel Ritter12 years
lwipcore: pxe: beginnings of an FTP implementationH. Peter Anvin12 years
mastercore: clean up SerialIRQPort when uninstalling the interrupt systemH. Peter Anvin12 years
new-mbootRemove the old mboot moduleH. Peter Anvin12 years
nolenMerge commit 'origin/master' into nolenH. Peter Anvin13 years
softresjpeg: actually build yuv420pH. Peter Anvin12 years
syslinux-1.6x-1Relax the conventional memory limits somewhat.hpa19 years
syslinux-1.xxMerge fixed mbr.asm from the 2.xx treehpa19 years
syslinux-3.2xIntroducing a new com32 module to parse pci devices/busesErwan Velu15 years
syslinux-3.3mcomboot.doc: for function 0009h, clarify ES:DI = PXE parameter structureH. Peter Anvin14 years
syslinux-3.3xComboot function READ DISK corrupts its arguments; fix.H. Peter Anvin14 years
syslinux-3.7xNEWS, version: prepare for a 3.76 releaseH. Peter Anvin12 years
syslinux-3.8xNEWS: document chain.c32 ISOLINUX fix.H. Peter Anvin12 years
threadthread: mbox: fix return value for mbox_fetch()H. Peter Anvin12 years
unify-pmcore: rename .text, .data and .bss to .text16, .data16, .bss16H. Peter Anvin12 years