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Document PXELINUX timeout fixsyslinux-3.20-pre10
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@@ -11,6 +11,8 @@ Changes in 3.20:
* mboot.c32 bug fixes.
* Remove 8 MB kernel size restriction.
* Add "klibc" target for building unix/syslinux with klcc.
+ * PXELINUX: Fail (and eventually reboot) if no configuration
+ file was found.
Changes in 3.11:
* MEMDISK: Fix bug by which accessing the real floppy disk
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@@ -76,6 +76,11 @@ Note that all filename references are relative to the directory
pxelinux.0 lives in. PXELINUX generally requires that filenames
(including any relative path) are 127 characters or shorter in length.
+Starting in release 3.20, PXELINUX will no longer apply a built-in
+default if it cannot find any configuration file at all; instead it
+will reboot after the timeout interval has expired. This keeps a
+machine from getting stuck indefinitely due to a boot server failure.
PXELINUX does not support MTFTP, and I have no immediate plans of
doing so. It is of course possible to use MTFTP for the initial boot,
if you have such a setup. MTFTP server setup is beyond the scope of