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// Is this true of file names specified in a config? As of when?
+=== PATH RULES ===
+The current working directory is *always* searched first, before PATH,
+when attempting to open a filename. The current working directory is
+not affected when specifying a file with an absolute path. For
+example, given the following file system layout,
+ /bin/
+ ls.c32
+ libls.c32
+ /foo/
+ libls.c32
+assuming that the current working directory is /boot/foo, and assuming
+that libls.c32 is a dependency of ls.c32, executing /boot/bin/ls.c32
+will cause /boot/foo/libls.c32 to be loaded, not /boot/bin/libls.c32,
+even if /boot/bin is specified in the PATH directive of a config file.
+The reason that things work this way is that typically a user will
+install all library files in the Syslinux installation directory, as
+specified with the --directory installer option. This method allows
+the user to omit the PATH directive from their config file and still
+have things work correctly.
== AUTHOR ==
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