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+TODO - list of things to do for libpng:
+Final bug fixes.
+Improve API by hiding the png_struct and png_info structs.
+Finish work on the no-floating-point version (including gamma compensation)
+Better C++ wrapper/full C++ implementation?
+Fix problem with C++ and EXTERN "C".
+cHRM transformation.
+Improve setjmp/longjmp usage or remove it in favor of returning error codes.
+Add "grayscale->palette" transformation and "palette->grayscale" detection.
+Improved dithering.
+Multi-lingual error and warning message support.
+Complete sRGB transformation (presently it simply uses gamma=0.45455).
+Man pages for function calls.
+Better documentation.
+Better filter selection
+ (counting huffman bits/precompression? filter inertia? filter costs?).
+Histogram creation.
+Text conversion between different code pages (Latin-1 -> Mac and DOS).
+Should we always malloc 2^bit_depth PLTE/tRNS/hIST entries for safety?
+Build gamma tables using fixed point (and do away with floating point entirely).
+Use greater precision when changing to linear gamma for compositing against
+ background and doing rgb-to-gray transformation.
+Investigate pre-incremented loop counters and other loop constructions.