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@@ -139,6 +139,7 @@ h) Some systems without a floppy drive have been known to have
doesn't work, you can use the option:
nopass Hide all real drives of the same type (floppy or hard disk)
+ nopassany Hide all real drives (floppy and hard disk)
Some interesting things to note:
@@ -190,13 +191,14 @@ The MEMDISK info structure currently contains:
[ES:DI+2] byte MEMDISK minor version
[ES:DI+3] byte MEMDISK major version
[ES:DI+4] dword Pointer to MEMDISK data in high memory
- [ES:DI+8] dword Size of MEMDISK data in 512-byte sectors
+ [ES:DI+8] dword Size of MEMDISK data in sectors
[ES:DI+12] 16:16 Far pointer to command line
[ES:DI+16] 16:16 Old INT 13h pointer
[ES:DI+20] 16:16 Old INT 15h pointer
[ES:DI+24] word Amount of DOS memory before MEMDISK loaded
[ES:DI+26] byte Boot loader ID
- [ES:DI+27] byte Currently unused
+ [ES:DI+27] byte Sector size as a power of 2
+ (If zero, assume 512-byte sectors)
[ES:DI+28] word If nonzero, offset (vs ES) to installed DPT
This pointer+16 contains the original INT 1Eh