path: root/com32/lib/sys/vesa
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Properly support 16, 24 and 32-bit modes; now working properly.syslinux-3.30-pre6H. Peter Anvin2006-09-145-26/+79
* Beginnings of supporting multiple pixel formatsH. Peter Anvin2006-09-133-27/+91
* fmtpixel.h: cleanups and performance improvementsH. Peter Anvin2006-09-131-10/+15
* Code to deal with multiple pixel formatsH. Peter Anvin2006-09-132-0/+79
* initvesa: don't trust the BIOS when it says tty is supportedH. Peter Anvin2006-09-121-1/+7
* Remove VESA demo and function used only by itH. Peter Anvin2006-09-121-21/+0
* vesacon: if mode set failed, assume screen is unchangedH. Peter Anvin2006-09-121-4/+1
* vesacon: stub out debugging functionH. Peter Anvin2006-09-121-2/+6
* vesacon: if a custom font is loaded, use it instead of the BIOS fontH. Peter Anvin2006-09-121-7/+22
* Cursor support for vesaconH. Peter Anvin2006-09-113-5/+85
* Factor out the ANSI engine from the ANSI and VESA consolesH. Peter Anvin2006-09-103-19/+18
* No need to bzero .bss memoryH. Peter Anvin2006-09-051-1/+1
* Augment tinyjpeg so that we can decode straight into the buffer;H. Peter Anvin2006-09-052-19/+13
* Set saner limits, since tinyjpeg will actually decode the whole imageH. Peter Anvin2006-09-051-1/+1
* Default to black screen; draw a JPEG background correctly.syslinux-3.30-pre3H. Peter Anvin2006-09-051-11/+10
* Add support for decoding JPEG images as well as PNGH. Peter Anvin2006-09-051-17/+112
* Lots of fixes to make the graphical menu actually work.syslinux-3.30-pre1H. Peter Anvin2006-09-012-6/+14
* Color table handling for the VESA consoleH. Peter Anvin2006-08-311-25/+3
* Shading fixH. Peter Anvin2006-08-311-1/+1
* More work on actual VESA console and menu. Shadowing still doesn't workH. Peter Anvin2006-08-314-125/+89
* Better test of alpha blending (holy crap, it works!)H. Peter Anvin2006-08-301-12/+5
* Actually blend the proper colors...H. Peter Anvin2006-08-301-2/+2
* More sophisticated alpha blending; comment out background call ATMH. Peter Anvin2006-08-302-27/+62
* Add alpha-blending function in preparation for proper RGBA text.H. Peter Anvin2006-08-281-0/+14
* Work on getting libpng to actually do something useful...H. Peter Anvin2006-08-281-13/+5
* More work on VESA graphical console supportH. Peter Anvin2006-08-284-11/+493
* More work on the VESA graphics consoleH. Peter Anvin2006-08-274-0/+336