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Require GCC 4.9 or later for building glibc.
This patch makes configure require GCC 4.9 or later for building glibc, and documents that requirement. Requiring GCC 4.9 or later allows use of _Generic (as in tzcode). It would allow <stdatomic.h> and _Atomic to be used as well if desired, although we need to avoid any libatomic dependencies on any platforms. This patch is explicitly the minimum to implement a new version requirement, with any consequent cleanups of conditional code (not in installed headers or files shared with gnulib etc.) to be done separately. Tested for x86_64. * configure.ac (libc_cv_compiler_ok): Require GCC 4.9 or later. * configure: Regenerated. * manual/install.texi (Tools for Compilation): Document requirement for GCC 4.9 or later. * INSTALL: Regenerated.
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@@ -420,9 +420,9 @@ build the GNU C Library:
recommend GNU 'make' version 3.79. All earlier versions have
severe bugs or lack features.
- * GCC 4.7 or newer
+ * GCC 4.9 or newer
- GCC 4.7 or higher is required. In general it is recommended to use
+ GCC 4.9 or higher is required. In general it is recommended to use
the newest version of the compiler that is known to work for
building the GNU C Library, as newer compilers usually produce
better code. As of release time, GCC 6.3 is the newest compiler