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Add --with-nonshared-cflags option to configure
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@@ -90,6 +90,22 @@ if 'CFLAGS' is specified it must enable optimization. For example:
library will still be usable, but functionality may be lost--for
example, you can't build a shared libc with old binutils.
+ Use additional compiler flags CFLAGS to build the parts of the
+ library which are always statically linked into applications and
+ libraries even with shared linking (that is, the object files
+ contained in 'lib*_nonshared.a' libraries). The build process will
+ automatically use the appropriate flags, but this option can be
+ used to set additional flags required for building applications and
+ libraries, to match local policy. For example, if such a policy
+ requires that all code linked into applications must be built with
+ source fortification,
+ '--with-nonshared-cflags=-Wp,-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2' will make sure
+ that the objects in 'libc_nonshared.a' are compiled with this flag
+ (although this will not affect the generated code in this
+ particular case and potentially change debugging information and
+ metadata only).
Don't build shared libraries even if it is possible. Not all
systems support shared libraries; you need ELF support and