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committerSiddhesh Poyarekar <siddhesh@sourceware.org>2016-07-08 20:03:05 +0530
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Add pretty printers for the NPTL lock types
This patch adds pretty printers for the following NPTL types: - pthread_mutex_t - pthread_mutexattr_t - pthread_cond_t - pthread_condattr_t - pthread_rwlock_t - pthread_rwlockattr_t To load the pretty printers into your gdb session, do the following: python import sys sys.path.insert(0, '/path/to/glibc/build/nptl/pretty-printers') end source /path/to/glibc/source/pretty-printers/nptl-printers.py You can check which printers are registered and enabled by issuing the 'info pretty-printer' gdb command. Printers should trigger automatically when trying to print a variable of one of the types mentioned above. The printers are architecture-independent, and were manually tested on both the gdb CLI and Eclipse CDT. In order to work, the printers need to know the values of various flags that are scattered throughout pthread.h and pthreadP.h as enums and #defines. Since replicating these constants in the printers file itself would create a maintenance burden, I wrote a script called gen-py-const.awk that Makerules uses to extract the constants. This script is pretty much the same as gen-as-const.awk, except it doesn't cast the constant values to 'long' and is thorougly documented. The constants need only to be enumerated in a .pysym file, which is then referenced by a Make variable called gen-py-const-headers. As for the install directory, I discussed this with Mike Frysinger and Siddhesh Poyarekar, and we agreed that it can be handled in a separate patch, and it shouldn't block merging of this one. In addition, I've written a series of test cases for the pretty printers. Each lock type (mutex, condvar and rwlock) has two test programs, one for itself and other for its related 'attributes' object. Each test program in turn has a PExpect-based Python script that drives gdb and compares its output to the expected printer's. The tests run on the glibc host, which is assumed to have both gdb and PExpect; if either is absent the tests will fail with code 77 (UNSUPPORTED). For cross-testing you should use cross-test-ssh.sh as test-wrapper. I've tested the printers on both a native build and a cross build using a Beaglebone Black, with the build system's filesystem shared with the board through NFS. Finally, I've written a README that explains all this and more. Hopefully this should be good to go in now. Thanks. ChangeLog: 2016-07-04 Martin Galvan <martin.galvan@tallertechnologies.com> * Makeconfig (build-hardcoded-path-in-tests): Set to 'yes' for shared builds if tests-need-hardcoded-path is defined. (all-subdirs): Add pretty-printers. * Makerules ($(py-const)): New rule. * Rules (others): Add $(py-const), if defined. * nptl/Makefile (gen-py-const-headers): Define. * nptl/nptl-printers.py: New file. * nptl/nptl_lock_constants.pysym: Likewise. * pretty-printers/Makefile: Likewise. * pretty-printers/README: Likewise. * pretty-printers/test-condvar-attributes.c: Likewise. * pretty-printers/test-condvar-attributes.p: Likewise. * pretty-printers/test-condvar-printer.c: Likewise. * pretty-printers/test-condvar-printer.py: Likewise. * pretty-printers/test-mutex-attributes.c: Likewise. * pretty-printers/test-mutex-attributes.py: Likewise. * pretty-printers/test-mutex-printer.c: Likewise. * pretty-printers/test-mutex-printer.py: Likewise. * pretty-printers/test-rwlock-attributes.c: Likewise. * pretty-printers/test-rwlock-attributes.py: Likewise. * pretty-printers/test-rwlock-printer.c: Likewise. * pretty-printers/test-rwlock-printer.py: Likewise. * pretty-printers/test_common.py: Likewise. * scripts/gen-py-const.awk: Likewise.
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@@ -98,6 +98,11 @@ tests: $(tests:%=$(objpfx)%.out) $(tests-special)
xtests: tests $(xtests:%=$(objpfx)%.out) $(xtests-special)
+# Generate constant files for Python pretty printers if required.
+ifdef py-const
+others: $(py-const)
tests-special-notdir = $(patsubst $(objpfx)%, %, $(tests-special))
xtests-special-notdir = $(patsubst $(objpfx)%, %, $(xtests-special))