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authorJoseph Myers <joseph@codesourcery.com>2014-11-26 12:53:36 +0000
committerJoseph Myers <joseph@codesourcery.com>2014-11-26 12:53:36 +0000
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Remove TEST_IFUNC, tests-ifunc and *-ifunc.c tests.
TEST_IFUNC is only tested in two headers, bench-string.h and test-string.h, after it gets defined by those headers, and it never gets undefined. Thus no defines of TEST_IFUNC are needed, and the *-ifunc.c tests that just define TEST_IFUNC and include other tests are also redundant, as is the code to remove $(tests-ifunc) and $(xtests-ifunc) conditionally from tests and xtests. This patch removes the useless defines and tests of TEST_IFUNC and the associated useless tests and makefile code. It thereby fixes a series of warnings "../string/test-string.h:21:0: warning: "TEST_IFUNC" redefined" where test-string.h defines TEST_IFUNC to empty, other files define it to 1 and this produces warnings. Tested for x86_64. * debug/test-stpcpy_chk-ifunc.c: Remove file. * debug/test-strcpy_chk-ifunc.c: Likewise. * wcsmbs/test-wcschr-ifunc.c: Likewise. * wcsmbs/test-wcscmp-ifunc.c: Likewise. * wcsmbs/test-wcscpy-ifunc.c: Likewise. * wcsmbs/test-wcslen-ifunc.c: Likewise. * wcsmbs/test-wcsrchr-ifunc.c: Likewise. * wcsmbs/test-wmemcmp-ifunc.c: Likewise. * Rules [$(multi-arch) = no] (tests): Do not filter out $(tests-ifunc). [$(multi-arch) = no] (xtests): Do not filter out $(xtests-ifunc). * debug/Makefile (tests-ifunc): Remove variable. (tests): Do not add $(tests-ifunc). * wcsmbs/Makefile (tests-ifunc): Remove variable. (tests): Do not add $(tests-ifunc). * benchtests/bench-string.h (TEST_IFUNC): Remove macro. [TEST_IFUNC]: Remove conditionals. * string/test-string.h (TEST_IFUNC): Remove macro. [TEST_IFUNC]: Remove conditionals.
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diff --git a/Rules b/Rules
index 4f9cdf30e6e..82d8e974e57 100644
--- a/Rules
+++ b/Rules
@@ -84,10 +84,6 @@ common-generated += dummy.o dummy.c
# This makes all the auxiliary and test programs.
.PHONY: others tests bench
-ifeq ($(multi-arch),no)
-tests := $(filter-out $(tests-ifunc), $(tests))
-xtests := $(filter-out $(xtests-ifunc), $(xtests))
ifeq ($(build-programs),yes)
others: $(addprefix $(objpfx),$(others) $(sysdep-others) $(extra-objs))