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authorRoland McGrath <roland@gnu.org>2006-02-28 07:11:04 +0000
committerRoland McGrath <roland@gnu.org>2006-02-28 07:11:04 +0000
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* Makefile (subdir-target-args): New variable.
($(all-subdirs-targets)): Use it in place of -C option. * Rules: Use $(..) instead of ../ if it's already defined. * Makeconfig (subdir-srcdirs): New variable. * csu/Makefile (all-Banner-files): Use it. * configure.in (--enable-add-ons): Set to "yes" by default. Handle absolute add-on directory names when looking for configure fragments. Also look for sysdeps/*/preconfigure fragments in add-ons. Require add-on configure to set $libc_add_on_canonical, use that in $add_ons_sfx. Substitute add_on_subdirs with computed list of subdir names each add-on configure set in libc_add_on_subdirs. * configure: Regenerated. * Makefile (%/preconfigure: %/preconfigure.in): New pattern rule. * config.make.in (add-on-subdirs): New substituted variable. * Makeconfig (all-subdirs): Include $(add-on-subdirs). Remove $(add-ons), $(sysdep-subdirs). Don't filter out $(sysdep-inhibit-subdirs). ($(common-objpfx)sysd-dirs): Target removed. Don't include it. ($(common-objpfx)sysd-sorted): Rewritten to feed Depend and Subdirs files together to gen-sorted.awk, and $(subdirs) via -v. (subdirs): Remove magic reordering for mach and hurd. * scripts/gen-sorted.awk: Use subdirs from command line. Process Subdirs and Depend files directly. Let Subdirs files use "first dir" and "inhibit dir". Always move elf to the end of the list. * hurd/Depend: New file. * sysdeps/mach/Subdirs: Use "first mach". * Makefile (dist-separate): Remove linuxthreads. (dist-separate-linuxthreads): Variable removed. (glibc-%.tar rule): Use $(sysdeps-add-ons). * Makerules ($(common-objpfx)Versions.v.i): Use $(subdirs), not $(all-subdirs). (sysdep-makefiles): Use $(sysdirs). (sysdirs): Remove export. ($(+sysdir_pfx)sysd-rules): Handle absolute directory names in $(config-sysdirs). (+sysdir_pfx): Variable removed. (sysd-rules): Use $(common-objpfx) in place of it. (sysdirs): Variable moved to ... * Makeconfig (sysdirs): ... here. Handle absolute directory names in $(config-sysdirs). (full_config_sysdirs): Variable removed. * csu/Makefile: Use $(sysdirs) in vpath directive. * math/Makefile (ulps-file): Use $(sysdirs). * sysdeps/gnu/Makefile (errlist-c): Likewise. ($(objpfx)errlist-compat.c): Likewise. * Makeconfig (all-Subdirs-files): Likewise. ($(common-objpfx)config.status): Likewise. * configure.in (sysnames): Handle absolute add-on directory names. (sysdeps_add_ons): New variable, AC_SUBST it. Compute which add-ons contributed sysdeps directories. * configure: Regenerated. * config.make.in (sysdeps-add-ons): New substituted variable. * Makerules (+sysdep_dirs, +sysdep-includes): Variables moved ... * Makeconfig: ... to here. (+sysdep_dirs): Append $(sysdeps-add-ons) here. (+includes): Remove $(objpfx) include, already in $(+sysdep_dirs). Remove $(includes). (sysdep-makeconfigs): Use $(+sysdep_dirs). ($(common-objpfx)shlib-versions.v.i): Likewise. * Makeconfig: Remove hair to set Makeconfig-add-on. * sysdeps/unix/Makefile (sysdirs): Remove export. (asm_CPP): Variable removed. ($(common-objpfx)sysd-syscalls): Pass them directly for the script. * sysdeps/posix/Makefile: New file. * Makerules (L_tmpnam, TMP_MAX, L_ctermid, L_cuserid): Set non-posix values here with ?=. * stdlib/gen-mpn-copy: File removed. * stdlib/Makefile (distribute): Remove it. * configure.in: Don't grok --with-gmp. * configure: Regenerated. * configure.in (libc_cv_idn): Don't check it; libidn/configure does it. * configure: Regenerated. * bare: Directory removed, saved in ports repository.
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diff --git a/Rules b/Rules
index 74b80e85ede..5ace24cee01 100644
--- a/Rules
+++ b/Rules
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ endif
all: # Don't let the default goal come from Makeconfig.
-include ../Makeconfig
+include $(firstword $(..) ../)Makeconfig
ifndef subdir
Each subdirectory makefile must define the `subdir' variable.
@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ endif
# See below. This must be set before Makerules processes it.
before-compile += $(common-objpfx)bits/stdio_lim.h
-include ../Makerules
+include $(..)Makerules
.PHONY: subdir_lib
subdir_lib: lib-noranlib