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authorJoseph Myers <joseph@codesourcery.com>2017-03-16 13:31:57 +0000
committerJoseph Myers <joseph@codesourcery.com>2017-03-16 13:31:57 +0000
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Remove C++ namespace handling from glibc headers.
glibc headers include some code (not particularly consistent or systematic) to put various declarations in C++ namespaces std and __c99, if _GLIBCPP_USE_NAMESPACES is defined. As noted in <https://gcc.gnu.org/ml/libstdc++/2017-03/msg00025.html>, this macro was removed from libstdc++ in 2000. I don't expect compilation with such old versions of libstdc++ to work with current glibc headers anyway (whereas old *binaries* are expected to stay working with current glibc); this patch (which should be a no-op with any libstdc++ version postdating that removal) removes all this code from the glibc headers. The begin-end-check.pl test, whose comments say it is about checking these namespace macro calls, is also removed. The code in that test would have covered __BEGIN_DECLS / __END_DECLS as well, but if those weren't properly matched it would show up with the check-installed-headers-cxx tests, so I don't think there is an actual use for keeping begin-end-check.pl with the namespace code removed. Tested for x86_64 and x86 (testsuite, and that installed stripped shared libraries are unchanged by the patch). * misc/sys/cdefs.h (__BEGIN_NAMESPACE_STD): Remove macro. (__END_NAMESPACE_STD): Likewise. (__USING_NAMESPACE_STD): Likewise. (__BEGIN_NAMESPACE_C99): Likewise. (__END_NAMESPACE_C99): Likewise. (__USING_NAMESPACE_C99): Likewise. * math/math.h (_Mdouble_BEGIN_NAMESPACE): Do not define and undefine macro. (_Mdouble_END_NAMESPACE): Likewise. * ctype/ctype.h: Do not handle C++ namespaces. * libio/bits/stdio-ldbl.h: Likewise. * libio/stdio.h: Likewise. * locale/locale.h: Likewise. * math/bits/mathcalls.h: Likewise. * setjmp/setjmp.h: Likewise. * signal/signal.h: Likewise. * stdlib/bits/stdlib-float.h: Likewise. * stdlib/bits/stdlib-ldbl.h: Likewise. * stdlib/stdlib.h: Likewise. * string/string.h: Likewise. * sysdeps/x86/fpu/bits/mathinline.h: Likewise. * time/bits/types/clock_t.h: Likewise. * time/bits/types/struct_tm.h: Likewise. * time/bits/types/time_t.h: Likewise. * time/time.h: Likewise. * wcsmbs/bits/wchar-ldbl.h: Likewise. * wcsmbs/uchar.h: Likewise. * wcsmbs/wchar.h: Likewise. [_GLIBCPP_USE_NAMESPACES] (wint_t): Remove conditional definition. * wctype/wctype.h: Do not handle C++ namespaces. * scripts/begin-end-check.pl: Remove. * Makefile (installed-headers): Likewise. (tests-special): Do not add $(objpfx)begin-end-check.out. ($(objpfx)begin-end-check.out): Remove.
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diff --git a/ctype/ctype.h b/ctype/ctype.h
index 3a58924f89f..1fe89cf8367 100644
--- a/ctype/ctype.h
+++ b/ctype/ctype.h
@@ -101,8 +101,6 @@ extern const __int32_t **__ctype_toupper_loc (void)
#define __exctype(name) extern int name (int) __THROW
/* The following names are all functions:
int isCHARACTERISTIC(int c);
which return nonzero iff C has CHARACTERISTIC.
@@ -126,16 +124,10 @@ extern int tolower (int __c) __THROW;
/* Return the uppercase version of C. */
extern int toupper (int __c) __THROW;
/* ISO C99 introduced one new function. */
#ifdef __USE_ISOC99
__exctype (isblank);
#ifdef __USE_GNU