BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
aaribaud/make-checkY2038: make __tz_convert compatible with 64-bit-timeAlbert ARIBAUD (3ADEV)3 years
aaribaud/y2038Y2038: add _TIME_BITS supportAlbert ARIBAUD (3ADEV)3 years
aaribaud/y2038-submitted-v1Y2038: make __mktime_internal compatible with 64-bit-timeAlbert ARIBAUD (3ADEV)3 years
aj/revert-sunrpcMake sunrpc code usable againAndreas Schwab9 years
aj/shared-linux-fcntlRemove more values defined in <bits/fcntl-linux.h>Andreas Jaeger9 years
allan/config-filesInstall nscd systemd filesAllan McRae6 years
andros/avx512f-memTuned loops with non-temporal access.Andrew Senkevich5 years
andros/libmvecThis is infrastructure update for configure, build and install of vectorAndrew Senkevich6 years
andros/pr19654Added tests to ensure link with *_finite aliases from libmvec (BZ #19654 fix).Andrew Senkevich5 years
archlinux/2.18/masterFix stack overflow due to large AF_INET6 requestsSiddhesh Poyarekar8 years
arm/ilp32aarch64: Update ILP32 abilists for glibc 2.28Szabolcs Nagy3 years
azanella/aarch64-mempcpyaarch64: ifunc mem* cleanupsAdhemerval Zanella3 years
azanella/aarch64-split-stackaarch64: Add split-stack TCB fieldAdhemerval Zanella3 years
azanella/bz12683nptl: Remove THREAD_ATOMIC_* macrosAdhemerval Zanella3 years
azanella/generic-stringssh: Add string-fzb.hAdhemerval Zanella3 years
azanella/qsort-refactorstdlib: Implement introsort with qsortAdhemerval Zanella3 years
carlos/dlmopenInitial implemenation of full dlmopen support.Carlos O'Donell6 years
carlos/masterFix sparc localplt testcase failures.David S. Miller10 years
cmetcalf/tile-2.15Use <> brackets for not-cancel.h in sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/grantpt.c.Chris Metcalf9 years
cvs/fedora-2_3-branch2.3.6-0.fc3.1Roland McGrath16 years
cvs/fedora-2_5-branch2.5-18.1Jakub Jelinek14 years
cvs/fedora-branchUpdated to fedora-glibc-20090510T1842Jakub Jelinek12 years
cvs/glibc-2-1-branchUpdate.Andreas Jaeger20 years
cvs/glibc-2-2-branchUpdate from CVS mainline.Andreas Jaeger19 years
cvs/glibc-2_0_xUpdate.Ulrich Drepper22 years
cvs/glibc-2_10-branchUpdate from trunk.Ulrich Drepper12 years
cvs/glibc-2_3-branch.Roland McGrath15 years
cvs/glibc-2_5-branch.Jakub Jelinek14 years
cvs/glibc-2_6-branch.Jakub Jelinek14 years
cvs/glibc-2_7-branch * manual/texinfo.tex: Update to latest version.Andreas Jaeger14 years
cvs/glibc-2_8-branch* sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/dl-osinfo.h: Include fcntl.h.Jakub Jelinek13 years
cvs/glibc-2_9-branch* include/features.h (__GLIBC_MINOR__): Bump to 9.Ulrich Drepper13 years
cvs/master* version.h (VERSION): Bump to 2.10.1.Ulrich Drepper12 years
cvs/sparc-2_0_x-branch* sysdeps/sparc/sparc32/dl-machine.h (elf_machine_fixup_plt):David S. Miller23 years
cvs/thomas-posix1996Update.Ulrich Drepper24 years
davem/sparcsparc: Add multiarch support for memset/bzero/memcpy.David S. Miller11 years
dj/mallocUpdates to trace2wlDJ Delorie5 years
dj/malloc-tcacheTweak Makefile, asserts, comments.DJ Delorie4 years
fedora/2.10/master2.10.2-1Andreas Schwab11 years
fedora/2.11/master2.11.3-1Andreas Schwab10 years
fedora/2.12/master2.12.2-1Andreas Schwab10 years
fedora/2.13/master2.13-2Andreas Schwab10 years
fedora/2.14/master2.14.1-2Andreas Schwab10 years
fedora/2.22/masterNaCl: Call __nacl_main in preference to main.Roland McGrath6 years
fedora/masterDetect and select i586/i686 implementation at run-timeH.J. Lu6 years
fw/accept4Assume that accept4 is always available and worksFlorian Weimer4 years
fw/bug16145WIP reorganization to improve scalability of localtimeFlorian Weimer4 years
fw/bug21041WIP delayed IFUNC relocationFlorian Weimer4 years
fw/bug21242ld.so: Introduce delayed relocation processingFlorian Weimer3 years
fw/libm-noprivate-2.27Use custom x86 feature selection in libmFlorian Weimer3 years
fw/math-split-testsRFC: Run libm tests separately for each functionJoseph Myers4 years
fw/out_bufferWIP struct out_bufferFlorian Weimer4 years
fw/tst-gmongmon: Add test for basic mcount/gprof functionalityFlorian Weimer4 years
gabriel/powerpc-ieee128-printscan[TEMP] powerpc64le: Convert default long double format to IEEE binary128Gabriel F. T. Gomes3 years
gentoo/2.18alpha: Fix tls-macros.hRichard Henderson7 years
gentoo/2.19nptl: handle EAGAIN with some futex operationsCarlos O'Donell7 years
gentoo/2.20sparc: fix sigaction for 32bit builds [BZ #18694]Mike Frysinger6 years
gentoo/2.21Fix parallel build errorAndreas Schwab5 years
gentoo/2.22configure: fix `test ==` usageMike Frysinger5 years
gentoo/2.23alpha: fix trunc for big input valuesAurelien Jarno4 years
gentoo/2.24posix_spawn: fix stack setup on ia64 [BZ #21275]Mike Frysinger4 years
gentoo/2.25posix_spawn: fix stack setup on ia64 [BZ #21275]Mike Frysinger4 years
google/grte/v4-2.19/masterFix nan functions handling of payload strings (BZ16962, CVE-2014-9761)Joseph Myers4 years
google/grte/v5-2.27/masterWork around lack of mfppr in clangStan Shebs3 years
hjl/2.17/memsetFaster memset on x64Ondrej Bilka5 years
hjl/32bit/2.22Add Prefer_MAP_32BIT_EXEC to map executable pages with MAP_32BITH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/32bit/masterAdd Prefer_MAP_32BIT_EXEC to map executable pages with MAP_32BITH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/avx128Compile AVX libm functions with -mavx -mprefer-avx128H.J. Lu9 years
hjl/avx2/cx86-64: Optimize strrchr/wcsrchr with AVX2H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/avx2/fixx86-64: Move wcsnlen.S to multiarch/wcsnlen-sse4_1.SH.J. Lu4 years
hjl/avx2/masterx86-64: Optimize strrchr/wcsrchr with AVX2H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/avx512f-mem/masterAlways use prefetchnta with non-temporal storesH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/avx512f-mem/oldUse prefetchnta with non-temporal storesH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/avx512f-mem/prefetcht1Use prefetcht1 with non-temporal storesH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/benchtests/memsetSkip simple and builtin memory implementationsH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/benchtests/wall-timeForce to use clock_gettimeH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/cache/masterCount number of logical processors sharing L2 cacheH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/cacheinfo/masterx86: Add cache info to cpu_featuresH.J. Lu4 years
hjl/cacheline/ifuncX86-64: Add dummy memcopy.h and wordcopy.cH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/cacheline/masterSkip simple and builtin memory implementationsH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/ctor/release/2.11Remove `.ctors' and `.dtors' output sectionsH.J. Lu8 years
hjl/ctor/release/2.12Remove `.ctors' and `.dtors' output sectionsH.J. Lu8 years
hjl/erms/2.22Count number of logical processors sharing L2 cacheH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/erms/2.23Count number of logical processors sharing L2 cacheH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/erms/i386Add 32-bit Enhanced REP MOVSB/STOSB (ERMS) memcpy/memsetH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/erms/ifuncX86-64: Add dummy memcopy.h and wordcopy.cH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/erms/masterAdd memmove/memset-avx512-unaligned-erms-no-vzeroupper.SH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/erms/ntSkip simple and builtin memory implementationsH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/fma/2.26x86-64: Optimize e_expf with FMA [BZ #21912]H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/fma/masterMention x86-64 FMA optimization in NEWSH.J. Lu4 years
hjl/globalUse LIBC_LINKER_FEATURE to check -z global supportH.J. Lu8 years
hjl/gmprshift.c: Replace assert with DEBUG and abortH.J. Lu4 years
hjl/hwcap/masterx86: Set dl_hwcap from CPU featuresH.J. Lu4 years
hjl/i386/masterAvoid reading errno in syscall implementationsH.J. Lu6 years
hjl/i486/multiarchAdd i386 math multiarch functionsH.J. Lu6 years
hjl/i486/multiarch-oldAdd i386 strcat multiarch functionsH.J. Lu6 years
hjl/ifunc/masterx86-64: Use IFUNC memcpy and mempcpy in libc.aH.J. Lu4 years
hjl/ifunc/x86x86: Remove assembly versions of HAS_CPU_FEATURE/HAS_ARCH_FEATUREH.J. Lu4 years
hjl/impliesChange Implies to shell scriptH.J. Lu9 years
hjl/initSet constructor/destructor priority to 1000H.J. Lu9 years
hjl/ld.so/masterX86: Add cache info to _dl_x86_cpu_featuresH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/libmvec/masterDon't compile do_test with -mavx/-mavx/-mavx512H.J. Lu5 years
hjl/masterx86: Update __x86_shared_non_temporal_thresholdH.J. Lu4 years
hjl/memcmp/avx2Add do_test2H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/memcpy/dpdk/masterAdd memcpy-rte-ssse3.cH.J. Lu6 years
hjl/mempcpyAdd a comment in sysdeps/x86_64/MakefileH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/nsz/mathi386: Replace assembly versions of e_powf with generic e_powf.cH.J. Lu4 years
hjl/plt/2.21Remove incorrect register mov in floorf/nearbyint on x86_64Siddhesh Poyarekar6 years
hjl/plt/2.22[x86_64] Set DL_RUNTIME_UNALIGNED_VEC_SIZE to 8H.J. Lu5 years
hjl/plt/masterDon't run tst-getpid2 with LD_BIND_NOW=1H.J. Lu6 years
hjl/pr14370Check mismatched TLS/non-TLS symbolsH.J. Lu9 years
hjl/pr14562/2.16Properly handle fencepost with MALLOC_ALIGN_MASKH.J. Lu9 years
hjl/pr14562/masterProperly handle fencepost with MALLOC_ALIGN_MASKH.J. Lu9 years
hjl/pr14654Extract __mul from sysdeps/ieee754/dbl-64/mpa.cH.J. Lu9 years
hjl/pr14716Add a testcase for BZ #14716H.J. Lu9 years
hjl/pr14831Update commentsH.J. Lu9 years
hjl/pr14937Handle _nl_default_dirname with prefix changesH.J. Lu8 years
hjl/pr14941Support multiarch under OS directoryH.J. Lu8 years
hjl/pr14955Make __get_cpu_features hiddenH.J. Lu8 years
hjl/pr14995Check linker support for INSERT in linker scriptH.J. Lu4 years
hjl/pr17711/2.18Replace __attribute__((visibility("protected")))H.J. Lu6 years
hjl/pr17711/2.19Replace __attribute__((visibility("protected")))H.J. Lu6 years
hjl/pr17711/2.20Replace __attribute__((visibility("protected")))H.J. Lu6 years
hjl/pr17711/2.21Replace __attribute__((visibility("protected")))H.J. Lu6 years
hjl/pr17841/2.21Replace __attribute__((visibility("protected")))H.J. Lu6 years
hjl/pr17841/masterCompile archives with -fno-pieH.J. Lu6 years
hjl/pr18078Extend local PLT reference checkH.J. Lu6 years
hjl/pr18422Don't build ld.so with -Wl,-z,nowH.J. Lu6 years
hjl/pr18661Align stack when calling __errno_locationH.J. Lu6 years
hjl/pr18696Add si_addr_bnd to _sigfault in x86 struct siginfoH.J. Lu6 years
hjl/pr19122Mark internal unistd functions hidden in ld.soH.J. Lu6 years
hjl/pr19178/masterRun tst-prelink test for GLOB_DAT relocH.J. Lu6 years
hjl/pr19363/2.22Provide x32 timesH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/pr19363/clobberUse REGISTERS_CLOBBERED_BY_SYSCALLH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/pr19363/masterUse INTERNAL_SYSCALL_TIMES* macros for Linux timesH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/pr19371/masterProperly handle x32 syscallH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/pr19463Avoid strdup/strndup/strsepH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/pr19583[x86] Add a feature bit: Fast_Unaligned_CopyH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/pr19590Remove test-double-libmvec-alias-*-wrappers.cH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/pr19679/2.23[x86_64] Set DL_RUNTIME_UNALIGNED_VEC_SIZE to 8H.J. Lu5 years
hjl/pr20309/masterX86-64: Properly align stack in _dl_tlsdesc_dynamicH.J. Lu5 years
hjl/pr21120/2.24i386: Increase MALLOC_ALIGNMENT to 16 [BZ #21120]H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/pr21120/2.25i386: Increase MALLOC_ALIGNMENT to 16 [BZ #21120]H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/pr21120/masteri386: Increase MALLOC_ALIGNMENT to 16 [BZ #21120]H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/pr21258/2.23x86-64: Improve branch predication in _dl_runtime_resolve_avx512_opt [BZ #21258]H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/pr21666/2.25Avoid .symver on common symbols [BZ #21666]H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/pr21666/masterx86-64: Optimize L(between_2_3) in memcmp-avx2-movbe.SH.J. Lu4 years
hjl/pr21752/masterAvoid accessing corrupted stack from __stack_chk_fail [BZ #21752]H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/pr21815/masterCompile tst-prelink.c without PIE [BZ #21815]H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/pr21864/masterDon't compile non-lib modules as lib modules [BZ #21864]H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/pr21913/masteri386: Add <startup.h> [BZ #21913]H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/pr21967/masterx86: Add MathVec_Prefer_No_AVX512 to cpu-features [BZ #21967]H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/pr22053/masterRemove zero terminator for .eh_frame in libc.so [BZ #22053]H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/pr22284/2.26Support profiling PIE [BZ #22284]H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/pr22298/masterDefine __PTHREAD_MUTEX_HAVE_PREV only if undefined [BZ #22298]H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/pr22353/masterAdd strcpy-stosb.SH.J. Lu4 years
hjl/pr22362/masterUse newly built crt*.o files to build shared objects [BZ #22362]H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/pr22363/masterx32: Set GLRO(dl_platform) to "x86_64" by default [BZ #22363]H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/pr22715/2.24x86-64: Properly align La_x86_64_retval to VEC_SIZE [BZ #22715]H.J. Lu3 years
hjl/pr22715/2.25x86-64: Properly align La_x86_64_retval to VEC_SIZE [BZ #22715]H.J. Lu3 years
hjl/pr22715/2.26x86-64: Properly align La_x86_64_retval to VEC_SIZE [BZ #22715]H.J. Lu3 years
hjl/pr23240/fwCheck non-lazy binding with LD_PRELOAD and weak referenceH.J. Lu3 years
hjl/pthread/2.21Use STB_SECONDARY on pthread functions in libcH.J. Lu6 years
hjl/pthread/2.22Use STB_SECONDARY on pthread functions in libcH.J. Lu6 years
hjl/release/2.20/masterUse AVX unaligned memcpy only if AVX2 is availableH.J. Lu6 years
hjl/secondary/2.21Add STB_SECONDARY support to ld.soH.J. Lu6 years
hjl/secondary/masterAdd STB_SECONDARY support to ld.soH.J. Lu6 years
hjl/size/masterRemove R_X86_64_SIZEH.J. Lu8 years
hjl/tst-pltUpdate the timing test for x86-64 PLTH.J. Lu6 years
hjl/unalignedMake strcmp with unaligned load/store the defaultH.J. Lu6 years
hjl/x32/masterMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/x32/masterH.J. Lu9 years
hjl/x32/release/2.12Restore uc_flags to unsigned long in ucontextH.J. Lu9 years
hjl/x32/release/2.15Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release/2.15/master' into hjl/x32/releas...H.J. Lu9 years
hjl/x86/math x86-64: Add sincosf with FMAH.J. Lu3 years
hjl/x86/optimizeAdd x86_cache.non_temporal_threshold to GLIBC_TUNABLESH.J. Lu4 years
hjl/x86/sincosfx86-64: Add sincosf with vector FMAH.J. Lu3 years
hjl/xgetbv/2.25x86-64: Use _dl_runtime_resolve_opt only with AVX512F [BZ #21871]H.J. Lu4 years
hjl/xgetbv/masterx86-64: Use _dl_runtime_resolve_opt only with AVX512F [BZ #21871]H.J. Lu4 years
ibm/2.10/masterUpdate from trunk.Ulrich Drepper12 years
ibm/2.11/masterAdditional POWER7 string optimizations.Luis Machado11 years
ibm/2.12/masterCorrect ordering of entries and spurious whitespace on the end of a line.Ryan S. Arnold9 years
ibm/2.13/masterPowerPC: Add missing file from previous commit.Adhemerval Zanella8 years
ibm/2.16/masterFix stack overflow in getaddrinfo with many resultsAndreas Schwab6 years
ibm/2.18/masterNEWS: Add 18665 and 19791 to fixed bug list.Paul E. Murphy5 years
ibm/2.19/masterMerge branch 'release/2.19/master' into ibm/2.19/masterTulio Magno Quites Machado Filho5 years
ibm/2.20/masterMerge release/2.20/master into ibm/2.20/masterGabriel F. T. Gomes5 years
ibm/2.22/masterMerge branch 'release/2.22/master' into ibm/2.22/masterTulio Magno Quites Machado Filho3 years
ibm/2.24/masterMerge branch release/2.24/master into ibm/2.24/masterGabriel F. T. Gomes3 years
ibm/2.26/masterMerge branch 'release/2.26/master' into ibm/2.26/masterTulio Magno Quites Machado Filho3 years
ibm/2.28/masterMerge branch release/2.28/master into ibm/2.28/masterTulio Magno Quites Machado Filho3 years
ibm/2.8/master powerpc: POWER7 optimizationsLuis Machado11 years
ibm/masterOptimize test for valid ELF symbol types in lookup function.Ulrich Drepper12 years
ldmitrie/intel_mpxImplemented bound check support for string/memory routines for x86_64.Liubov Dmitrieva8 years
linaro/2.21/masterMake io/ftwtest-sh remove temporary files on early exit.Joseph Myers4 years
linaro/2.23/masterIgnore and remove LD_HWCAP_MASK for AT_SECURE programs (bug #21209)Siddhesh Poyarekar4 years
linaro/masterFix __waitpid_nocancel link error.Roland McGrath7 years
lxoliva/getaddrinfo(no commit message)Alexandre Oliva7 years
masterIncrease timeout of nss/tst-nss-files-hosts-multiSzabolcs Nagy3 years
mfabian/collation-update-2.27Remove the lines from cmn_TW.UTF-8.in which cannot work at the moment.Mike FABIAN3 years
neleai/string-x64Improve generic strpbrk.Ondřej Bílka6 years
neleai/strlenFaster strlen on x86-64.Ondrej Bilka8 years
nsz/mathDo not wrap logf, log2f and powfSzabolcs Nagy4 years
pasky/fixesFix fstat() not trying to call fxstat64() on sparc64Petr Baudis11 years
pasky/fixes-overdueFix incorrect backtrace unwinding through thread_start() on x86_64Jan Kratochvil11 years
release/2.10/masterRestore locking in free_check.Ulrich Drepper11 years
release/2.11/masterRestore _res correctlyUlrich Drepper10 years
release/2.12/masterglibc 2.12.2 releaseAndreas Schwab10 years
release/2.13/masterHandle DSOs without any dependency in ld.soUlrich Drepper10 years
release/2.14/masterglibc 2.14.1 releaseAndreas Schwab10 years
release/2.15/masterNEWS: Add 16885 to fixed bug list.David S. Miller7 years
release/2.16/masterFixed pthread_spin_lock on sparc32/64 (bug 16882)Guo Yixuan7 years
release/2.17/masterFixed pthread_spin_lock on sparc32/64 (bug 16882)Guo Yixuan7 years
release/2.18/masterresolv: Always set *resplen2 out parameter in send_dg [BZ #19791]Florian Weimer5 years
release/2.19/masterFix powerpc software sqrt (bug 17964).Joseph Myers4 years
release/2.20/masterCVE-2016-3075: Stack overflow in _nss_dns_getnetbyname_r [BZ #19879]Florian Weimer5 years
release/2.21/masterSuppress GCC 6 warning about ambiguous 'else' with -WparenthesesYvan Roux5 years
release/2.22/masterglob: Fix buffer overflow during GLOB_TILDE unescaping [BZ #22332]Paul Eggert3 years
release/2.23/masterx86-64: Properly align La_x86_64_retval to VEC_SIZE [BZ #22715]H.J. Lu3 years
release/2.24/masterFix segfault in maybe_script_execute.Stefan Liebler3 years
release/2.25/masterFix segfault in maybe_script_execute.Stefan Liebler3 years
release/2.26/masterFix misreported errno on preadv2/pwritev2 (BZ#23579)Adhemerval Zanella3 years
release/2.27/masterFix misreported errno on preadv2/pwritev2 (BZ#23579)Adhemerval Zanella3 years
release/2.28/masterkl_GL: Fix spelling of Sunday, should be "sapaat" (bug 20209).Rafal Luzynski3 years
roland/WshadowfooRoland McGrath7 years
roland/add-on-abi-tagsHandle abi-tags files in add-on directories too.Roland McGrath6 years
roland/backtrace-symsImprove backtrace_symbols{,_fd} output when missing symbols.Roland McGrath12 years
roland/cancelhandlingNPTL: Give cancelhandling fields type unsigned int.Roland McGrath6 years
roland/disable-nisunfinishedRoland McGrath9 years
roland/getpidSimplify getpid handling of the race case.Roland McGrath7 years
roland/gold-vs-libcMake ld --version output matching grok gold's output.Roland McGrath7 years
roland/hwcap_maskObey LD_HWCAP_MASK in ld.so.cache lookups.Roland McGrath11 years
roland/manual-checkAdd test case for declarations in manual.Roland McGrath8 years
roland/nacl-debug-hackfooRoland McGrath6 years
roland/nacl-exit-stacksfooRoland McGrath6 years
roland/nacl-port/masterRandom nits prepping for upstreaming.Roland McGrath6 years
roland/nptl_dbMake libthread_db work without libpthread, just enough for TLS decoding.Roland McGrath11 years
roland/pthread_attr_getstackMake pthread_attr_getstack fail with EINVAL when called in "unspecified behav...Roland McGrath8 years
roland/stat64fooRoland McGrath9 years
roland/sysconf-clocksRemove cruft in Linux sysconf for conditional support of monotonic and CPU cl...Roland McGrath8 years
roland/tempnameNPTL: Use __gen_tempname in sem_open.Roland McGrath6 years
roland/x86_64-crt1-cfiBZ#15407: Complete CFI annotations in x86_64 _start code.Roland McGrath8 years
rsa/2.17_backportsReorder ChangeLog entries by date from cherry-picked commits.Ryan S. Arnold8 years
rsa/2.17_backports_v2BZ #15055: Use __ieee754_sqrl in acoshl for lbdl-128ibmRyan S. Arnold8 years
rsa/2.17_backports_v3PowerPC: use _dl_static_init to set GLRO(gl_pagesize)Adhemerval Zanella8 years
rsa/hwcap2_v3PowerPC: Fix AT_HWCAP2 feature bit string output in _dl_procinfo.Ryan S. Arnold8 years
rsa/hwcap2_v4Add support for AT_HWCAP2.Ryan S. Arnold8 years
rsa/hwcap2_v5Add GLRO(dl_hwcap2), conditional on per platform HWCAP2_AVAIL.Ryan S. Arnold8 years
rsa/hwcap2_v6PowerPC: Define AT_HWCAP2 bits and AT_HWCAP2 handling for POWER8.Ryan S. Arnold8 years
rsa/power8PowerPC: Add support for POWER8.Ryan S. Arnold8 years
rsa/power8_partialPowerPC: Enable POWER8 platform sans hwcap bits.Ryan S. Arnold8 years
rsa/stdintAdd #include <stdint.h> for uint[32|64]_t usage.Ryan S. Arnold8 years
rsa/stdint_headersAdd #include <stdint.h> for uint[32|64]_t usage in installed headers.Ryan S. Arnold8 years
rsa/stdint_noheadersAdd #include <stdint.h> for uint[32|64]_t usage (except installed headers).Ryan S. Arnold8 years
rth/aa-memsetneon for memset; higher minimums to enter loopsRichard Henderson7 years
rth/aa-optaarch64: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of vforkRichard Henderson7 years
rth/execlalpha: Implement execl{,e,p} without double stack allocationRichard Henderson5 years
rth/trampUse -Wno-error=trampolinesRichard Henderson6 years
shebs/clangifyUse clang integrated assembler except when asm is output and not required to ...Stan Shebs3 years
siddhesh/is_in_moduleUse IS_IN internally onlySiddhesh Poyarekar7 years
siddhesh/mmap-fallbackDon't fall back to mmap if the original arena is not corruptJosef Bacik6 years
siddhesh/posix-wundefUse conf.list to generate spec arraySiddhesh Poyarekar6 years
siddhesh/sem_timedwaitbenchtests: New benchmark for sem_timedwaitSiddhesh Poyarekar7 years
tuliom/float128powerpc64le: Enable float128Paul E. Murphy4 years
tuliom/multilibPowerPC: logb/logbf/logbl multilib for PowerPC32Adhemerval Zanella8 years
wip.termbaudcfsetispeed(termios_p, B0) should copy ispeed from ospeedH. Peter Anvin (Intel)3 years
zack/anon-unionsRFC: Use anonymous union for siginfo_tZack Weinberg4 years
zack/build-experimentsExperimenting with alternatives to VPATH.Zack Weinberg4 years
zack/build-layout-experimentPrepare for radical source tree reorganization.Zack Weinberg4 years
zack/c99-compliant-scanfUse C99-compliant scanf under _GNU_SOURCE with modern compilers.Zack Weinberg3 years
zack/elf-builtin-expect-conversionConvert __builtin_expect to __glibc_(un)likely throughout elf/.Zack Weinberg3 years
zack/errno-prettyprintAdd pretty-printer for errno.Zack Weinberg4 years
zack/remove-mode-bitsUse PRINTF_LDBL_IS_DBL instead of __ldbl_is_dbl.Zack Weinberg3 years
zack/wip-check-localplt-2WIP finer-grained, more aggressive local PLT call checkZack Weinberg3 years
zack/wip-pthread-no-dupe-defns[Bug 15368] Move pthread_kill to libc and use it to implement raise.Zack Weinberg3 years