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authorSteven Rostedt <srostedt@redhat.com>2011-03-08 09:22:39 -0500
committerSteven Rostedt <rostedt@goodmis.org>2011-03-08 09:52:58 -0500
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ktest: Add manual bisect
For both git bisect and config bisect, if BISECT_MANUAL is set to 1, then bisect will stop between iterations and ask the user for the result. The actual result is ignored. This makes it possible to use ktest.pl for bisecting configs and git and let the user examine the results themselves and enter their own results. Signed-off-by: Steven Rostedt <rostedt@goodmis.org>
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--- a/tools/testing/ktest/sample.conf
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@@ -528,6 +528,15 @@
# With BISECT_REVERSE = 1, The test will consider failures as
# good, and success as bad.
+# BISECT_MANUAL = 1 (optional, default 0)
+# In case there's a problem with automating the bisect for
+# whatever reason. (Can't reboot, want to inspect each iteration)
+# Doing a BISECT_MANUAL will have the test wait for you to
+# tell it if the test passed or failed after each iteration.
+# This is basicall the same as running git bisect yourself
+# but ktest will rebuild and install the kernel for you.
# BISECT_CHECK = 1 (optional, default 0)
# Just to be sure the good is good and bad is bad, setting
@@ -613,10 +622,17 @@
# CONFIG_BISECT is the config that failed to boot
+# If BISECT_MANUAL is set, it will pause between iterations.
+# This is useful to use just ktest.pl just for the config bisect.
+# If you set it to build, it will run the bisect and you can
+# control what happens in between iterations. It will ask you if
+# the test succeeded or not and continue the config bisect.
# Example:
# TEST_TYPE = config_bisect
# CONFIG_BISECT = /home/test/˘onfig-bad
# MIN_CONFIG = /home/test/config-min