path: root/block/blk-flush.c
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* block: fix flush machinery for stacking drivers with differring flush flagsJeff Moyer2011-08-151-4/+16
* allow blk_flush_policy to return REQ_FSEQ_DATA independent of *FLUSHJeff Moyer2011-08-091-2/+3
* block: hold queue if flush is running for non-queueable flush driveshaohua.li@intel.com2011-05-061-5/+11
* block: add blk_run_queue_asyncChristoph Hellwig2011-04-181-2/+2
* block: make the flush insertion use the tail of the dispatch listJens Axboe2011-04-051-2/+2
* block: get rid of elv_insert() interfaceJens Axboe2011-04-051-2/+2
* Merge branch 'for-2.6.39/stack-plug' into for-2.6.39/coreJens Axboe2011-03-101-4/+2
| * block: remove per-queue pluggingJens Axboe2011-03-101-2/+1
| * block: initial patch for on-stack per-task pluggingJens Axboe2011-03-101-2/+1
* | Merge branch 'for-linus' of ../linux-2.6-block into block-for-2.6.39/coreTejun Heo2011-03-041-5/+13
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * block: blk-flush shouldn't call directly into q->request_fn() __blk_run_queue()Tejun Heo2011-03-021-3/+5
| * block: add @force_kblockd to __blk_run_queue()Tejun Heo2011-03-021-1/+1
* | block: reimplement FLUSH/FUA to support mergeTejun Heo2011-01-251-136/+304
* | block: add REQ_FLUSH_SEQTejun Heo2011-01-251-0/+1
* block: remove BLKDEV_IFL_WAITChristoph Hellwig2010-09-161-14/+11
* block: use REQ_FLUSH in blkdev_issue_flush()Tejun Heo2010-09-101-11/+6
* block: make sure FSEQ_DATA request has the same rq_disk as the originalTejun Heo2010-09-101-0/+7
* block: kick queue after sequencing REQ_FLUSH/FUATejun Heo2010-09-101-3/+19
* block: initialize flush request with WRITE_FLUSH instead of REQ_FLUSHTejun Heo2010-09-101-1/+1
* block: simplify queue_next_fseqChristoph Hellwig2010-09-101-16/+10
* block: implement REQ_FLUSH/FUA based interface for FLUSH/FUA requestsTejun Heo2010-09-101-39/+46
* block: rename barrier/ordered to flushTejun Heo2010-09-101-50/+48
* block: rename blk-barrier.c to blk-flush.cTejun Heo2010-09-101-0/+248