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diff --git a/pre-process.c b/pre-process.c
index 9c6ef5b..cf53893 100644
--- a/pre-process.c
+++ b/pre-process.c
@@ -682,10 +682,10 @@ static int already_tokenized(const char *path)
* angle_includepath is set equal to isys_includepath.
* -nostdinc removes all sys dirs by storing NULL in entry pointed
* to by * sys_includepath. Note that this will reset all dirs built-in
- * and added before -nostdinc by -isystem and -dirafter.
+ * and added before -nostdinc by -isystem and -idirafter.
* -isystem dir adds dir where isys_includepath points adding this dir as
* first systemdir
- * -dirafter dir adds dir to the end of the list
+ * -idirafter dir adds dir to the end of the list
static void set_stream_include_path(struct stream *stream)