path: root/com32/menu/menumain.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* menu: Don't highlight disabled entriesMatt Fleming2012-10-091-2/+1
* menu: clear the timeout line on MENU HIDDENKEYH. Peter Anvin2011-04-111-2/+5
* menu: Add "menu hiddenkey" to make terminating menu hidden a commandH. Peter Anvin2011-04-111-1/+1
* menu: add MENU HELPH. Peter Anvin2010-06-261-0/+7
* Replacing strncpy by strlcpyErwan Velu2010-06-221-1/+1
* MENU IMMEDIATE: hotkeys which do not require Entersyslinux-4.00-pre47H. Peter Anvin2010-05-271-6/+16
* menu: add MENU CLEAR optionH. Peter Anvin2010-02-031-0/+3
* menu: when running hidden, clear the screen before final bootH. Peter Anvin2010-02-031-5/+17
* vesacon: don't display the cursor when doing a quiet bootH. Peter Anvin2009-12-071-0/+2
* Merge branch 'softres'H. Peter Anvin2009-12-071-3/+9
| * vesamenu: add MENU RESOLUTION to be able to set nonstandard resH. Peter Anvin2009-12-071-3/+9
* | menu: initialize cm (current menu) before empty checkH. Peter Anvin2009-08-171-1/+2
* | menu: fix Ctrl-W (word erase) when editing a command lineH. Peter Anvin2009-08-131-1/+1
* Merge commit 'syslinux-3.82'H. Peter Anvin2009-06-091-1/+4
| * simple menu: make ONTIMEOUT work with MENU HIDDENSergey Vlasov2009-06-041-0/+2
* | Run Nindent on com32/menu/menumain.cH. Peter Anvin2009-05-291-910/+936
* Don't set the autocr flag on the serial console; clean up crapsyslinux-3.81-pre12H. Peter Anvin2009-05-231-5/+0
* menu: modify MENU SAVE to be a cascading defaultH. Peter Anvin2009-04-141-1/+1
* Implement MENU SAVE; fix COM32 setadv functionsyslinux-3.74-pre18H. Peter Anvin2009-04-061-0/+9
* menu: avoid leaving obvious password turds in memoryH. Peter Anvin2008-08-261-2/+11
* Simple menu: really avoid disabled entriessyslinux-3.71-pre2H. Peter Anvin2008-07-021-22/+30
* Prevent inclusion of system include files when inappropriateH. Peter Anvin2008-03-031-1/+1
* simple menu: break off execute() into its own source fileH. Peter Anvin2008-03-021-55/+0
* Make sure color directives get attached to the proper menu.H. Peter Anvin2008-02-191-1/+1
* simple menu: fix the handling of '+' and '-' given disabled entriesH. Peter Anvin2008-02-191-4/+8
* Fix the scrollbar handling for insanely huge menusH. Peter Anvin2008-02-191-3/+2
* simple menu: remember the cursor position on a per-menu basisH. Peter Anvin2008-02-191-6/+11
* Add support for MENU EXIT; no marker for MENU GOTOH. Peter Anvin2008-02-191-4/+19
* When entering a new menu, go to the default entry for that menu.H. Peter Anvin2008-02-191-1/+2
* Allow MENU LABEL <-> MENU TITLE for submenus to work both waysH. Peter Anvin2008-02-191-1/+1
* simple menu: The use of realloc() requires indirect pointersH. Peter Anvin2008-02-191-22/+29
* simple menu: first cut at working submenusH. Peter Anvin2008-02-191-2/+37
* Simple menu: use refstrings consistently; now works againH. Peter Anvin2008-02-191-1/+1
* submenu snapshot: it compiles now...H. Peter Anvin2008-02-191-100/+127
* Submenu support: development snapshotH. Peter Anvin2008-02-191-146/+1
* If we're showing a scrollbar, always show at least one unitH. Peter Anvin2008-02-161-1/+1
* com32/*: move _GNU_SOURCE definitions into MakefilesH. Peter Anvin2008-02-101-1/+0
* simple menu: update copyright notices; clean whitespaceH. Peter Anvin2008-02-101-1/+1
* simple menu: break password comparisons out into a separate fileH. Peter Anvin2008-02-101-52/+3
* Simple menu system: move to dedicated subdirectoryH. Peter Anvin2008-02-101-0/+1230