path: root/utils/memdiskfind.c
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* memdiskfind: abstract get page size so we can compile against klibcH. Peter Anvin2010-12-071-1/+11
* memdiskfind: remove debugging printfH. Peter Anvin2010-06-221-2/+0
* memdiskfind: make sure we don't map unavailable RAMH. Peter Anvin2010-06-221-6/+38
* memdisk: add a sector_shift field to the MDI; fix memdiskfindH. Peter Anvin2010-06-221-1/+7
* memdiskfind: sanity check the FBM valueH. Peter Anvin2010-06-211-1/+4
* memdiskfind: utility to find an mBFT and output phram parametersH. Peter Anvin2010-06-211-0/+119