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* win: Add -mno-ms-bitfieldsShao Miller2012-10-111-2/+2
* find-mingw64: yet another set of prefixes to test...H. Peter Anvin2011-12-131-0/+4
* win: Add further NTFS support to Windows installersShao Miller2011-09-112-1/+77
* Add NTFS filesystem support to Linux and Windows installersPaulo Alcantara2011-09-071-1/+1
* win64/find-mingw64.sh: Enumerate the rest of the listGene Cumm2011-01-231-0/+7
* win64: Add Ubuntu's mingw compiler prefixGene Cumm2011-01-221-0/+1
* win64: experimental Win64 installer (syslinux64.exe)syslinux-4.02H. Peter Anvin2010-07-213-0/+126