BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bootloader-detectionhdt: add bootloader detection (menu)Pierre-Alexandre Meyer13 years
cmenu-videocmenu: use ASCII characters for scrollbarsPierre-Alexandre Meyer13 years
disklibhdt: Make the disk mode use parse_partition_table() (CLI)Pierre-Alexandre Meyer14 years
disklib-fixeshdt: fix CLI crash when parsing unsupported geometriesPierre-Alexandre Meyer13 years
fixes-for-3.86disk.c32: add disk geometry checkPierre-Alexandre Meyer13 years
for-erwanMerge commit 'hpa/master' into for-erwanPierre-Alexandre Meyer13 years
hdt-0.3.5hdt: add debug optionPierre-Alexandre Meyer13 years
hdt-0.3.6hdt: fix memory corruption in the CLIPierre-Alexandre Meyer13 years
hdt-nextMerge branch 'cmenu-video' into hdt-nextPierre-Alexandre Meyer13 years
libansilibansi: fix compiler warningsPierre-Alexandre Meyer13 years
lwipFix missing option -s in libinstallerArwin Vosselman12 years
masterFix missing option -s in libinstallerArwin Vosselman12 years
online-reportinghdt: add webserver to handle reportsPierre-Alexandre Meyer13 years
online-reporting-on-gpxehdt: hack: use gpxe stack to talk to hdt-project.orgPierre-Alexandre Meyer13 years
tftp-reportingi915resolution: use libpci to access PCI config spaceH. Peter Anvin13 years