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+The Proximity profile specification defines the behavior related to the spatial
+relationship between devices (how the device will act when the connection is
+lost or the path loss increases, etc.).
+It includes two roles: the Proximity Reporter (GATT server) and the Proximity
+Monitor (GATT client).
+A device that supports the Proximity Reporter role shall implement the Link
+Loss service \cite{lls}, and optionally the Immediate Alert \cite{ias} and TX
+Power \cite{txp} services.
+A device that supports the Proximity Monitor role should contain an application
+that interacts with the Link Loss service and optionally the Immediate Alert
+and TX Power services. This application should allow the user to set the alert
+This profile is implemented in BlueZ and has a specific D-Bus API (described in
+{\em doc/proximity-api.txt} located on BlueZ source code) for both roles.
+For Monitor role we have:
+\item Methods: GetProperties(), SetProperty()
+\item Signals: PropertyChanged()
+\item Properties: SignalLevel, LinkLossAlertLevel, ImmediateAlertLevel
+For Reporter role:
+\item Methods: GetProperties()
+\item Signals: PropertyChanged()
+\item Properties: ImmediateAlertLevel, LinkLossAlertLevel
\section{Contact channels}
+\bibitem{lls}Link Loss service. \url{}
+\bibitem{ias}Immediate Alert service. \url{}
+\bibitem{txp}TX Power service. \url{}