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internals and move the qualification for the stack instead of the upper
layer GATT applications.
+\subsubsection{GAttrib and ATT connection callbacks}
+Usually, there is only one GAttrib instance for each device connection, which
+is destroyed when the connection is terminated. In order to support a multiple
+profile scenario, GAttrib instances are reference counted. Therefore, profiles
+need to hold at least one reference to a GAttrib for as long as the connection
+is necessary, and drop this reference when the connection is no longer needed.
+It is possible to run custom code when a connection is established or
+terminated by using "ATT connection callbacks" (or attio callbacks, for short).
+These callbacks should be registered whenever the GATT profile has intent to
+communicate with a remote device. When implementing attio callbacks, it is
+important to make sure there is a valid reference to the current GAttrib as
+long as there is a need to use the active connection.
\subsubsection{Generic Attribute API}
Generic Attribute is a GATT client API based on concept of characteristics.