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+\subsection{Management Interface}
+The Management Interface ("mgmtops" plugin) is a new interface for userspace
+side in BlueZ to communicate with the kernel side. Its purpose is to remove the
+raw HCI sockets from userspace and replace the deprecated "hciops" plugin (old
+Some advantages of mgmtops plugin in comparison with hciops plugin:
+\item Command queues and synchronization: All HCI traffic is handled by the kernel,
+ so the risk of conflicts between kernel and userspace is avoided.
+\item Blocking operations: No need to use the blocking ioctl interface to e.g.
+ power on/off adapters. Asynchronous messages are used, so blocking issues are
+ solved as well.
+\item Distributed security policy and logic: user interaction and link key storage
+ is handled in userpace and kernel handles link key requests.
+\item Early-tracing capability: special tracing socket will permit userspace catch
+ all HCI traffic since first moment which adapter is plugged.
+There is a layer called "adapter operations" ({\em adapter\_ops} struct in
+{\em src/adapter.c}) that describes how to communicate with kernel side. For the
+management interface, this layer is implemented in {\em plugins/mgmtops.c}.
+The mgmt interface is enabled by default on recent Linux kernel tree. It is
+still necessary to enable the LE support, so it can be used with LE devices.
+There are two ways to enable LE support:
+\item If the Bluetooth subsystem is compiled as module, it can be enabled while
+ loading the "bluetooth" module:
+$ sudo modprobe bluetooth enable_le
+\item Otherwise, if it is built-in, or the module is already loaded, enable it at
+ runtime with:
+$ echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/module/bluetooth/parameters/enable_le
+To verify that LE support is enabled, use:
+$ cat /sys/module/bluetooth/parameters/enable_le
+If will show "Y" if LE support is enabled.
+BlueZ will use mgmtops automatically instead of hciops if it detects that the
+kernel has support for mgmt.
+Note that all LE development is being implemented only for the management
+interface. No support or updates to hciops will be provided.
+Detailed information regarding management interface is available at {\em
+doc/mgmt-api.txt}. For a technical introduction and rationale, see at BlueZ
+homepage \cite{bzhp}.
\subsection{Services over GATT}
The Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) defines a service framework for
@@ -289,6 +351,7 @@ The temperature value is represented by \verb|(mantissa) x (10**exponent)|.
\section{Contact channels}
+\bibitem{bzhp}The upcoming Management Interface. \url{}
\bibitem{lls}Link Loss service. \url{}
\bibitem{ias}Immediate Alert service. \url{}
\bibitem{txp}TX Power service. \url{}