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\section{Linux Bluetooth kernel architecture}
+Linux Bluetooth kernel subsystem consist of several layers:
+\item Bluetooth Core
+\subitem HCI device and connection manager, scheduler
+\subitem SCO audio links
+\subitem L2CAP (Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol)
+\subitem SMP (Security Manager Protocol) on LE (Low Energy) links
+\item HCI Device drivers (Interface to the hardware)
+\item RFCOMM Module (RFCOMM Protocol)
+\item BNEP Module (Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol)
+\item CMTP Module (CAPI Message Transport Protocol)
+\item HIDP Module (Human Interface Device Protocol)
+Low Energy support changed the Bluetooth Core layer only. SMP and Signaling
+L2CAP fixed channels are not exposed to the userspace.
+Connection Parameter Update Procedure is handled completely inside the kernel.
+Acting as a master, BlueZ kernel accepts all valid parameters. At the moment,
+there isn't API to allow the userspace to initiate or reject the procedure.
+Security Manager is exposed to the userspace through the Management Interface.
+Pairing procedure can be triggered from the userspace by changing socket
+security level, sending HCI commands, or sending Pair Management Command.
+However, the exchanged keys are available through the Management events only,
+making this new Bluetooth kernel interface mandatory if security is required.
\section{Linux Bluetooth userspace architecture}
BlueZ userspace is composed by {\em bluetoothd}, libbluetooth, and command