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@@ -39,6 +39,14 @@ General Public License (GPL).
+\caption{BlueZ Architecture}
BlueZ has three major components: kernel-level routines, bluetoothd daemon
and user-level tools. The kernel is responsible for managing the Bluetooth
hardware resources attached to the system handling manufacturer hooks, and
@@ -46,11 +54,13 @@ providing an interface to the userspace. bluetoothd is a root level daemon
responsible for providing a D-Bus interface to allow user applications to
manage adapter, devices and services.
+An overview of how these pieces fit together is depicted on Figure
\section{Linux Bluetooth kernel architecture}
-Linux Bluetooth kernel subsystem consist of several layers, as shown on Figure
+Linux Bluetooth kernel subsystem consist of several layers:
\item Bluetooth Core
@@ -65,14 +75,6 @@ Linux Bluetooth kernel subsystem consist of several layers, as shown on Figure
\item HIDP Module (Human Interface Device Protocol)
-\caption{BlueZ Architecture}
Low Energy support changed the Bluetooth Core layer only. SMP and Signaling
L2CAP fixed channels are not exposed to the userspace.