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@@ -302,6 +302,23 @@ The upper layer application defines business logic. In the case of the Monitor
select the alert level for a given device. For Proximity Reporter, this API
design allows to trigger actions or play distinct alerts/sound per device.
+\subsubsection{Find Me}
+The Find Me profile \cite{fdmp} defines the behavior related to pressing a button on
+one device causing an alert or similar behavior on the peer device.
+It includes two roles: Find Me target role (GATT server) and the Find Me
+Locator role (GATT client).
+The Find Me Target shall have only one instance of the Immediate Alert Service
+(IAS). In BlueZ, the service implementation is shared with the Proximity
+profile (Reporter role), because it also uses the same IAS instance. The same
+applies to the client side: Find Me Locator and Proximity Monitor share the
+same D-Bus interface.
+Note that even if a peer device only supports one profile (either Proximity or
+Find Me), the API will still work at least for the shared "Immediate Alert"
Profile used to interact with data gathered from thermal sensors. There are two
@@ -355,6 +372,7 @@ The temperature value is represented by \verb|(mantissa) x (10**exponent)|.
\bibitem{lls}Link Loss service. \url{}
\bibitem{ias}Immediate Alert service. \url{}
\bibitem{txp}TX Power service. \url{}
+\bibitem{fdmp}Find Me profile. \url{}
\bibitem{htp}Health Thermometer profile. \url{}
\bibitem{hts}Health Thermometer service. \url{}
\bibitem{dis}Device Information service. \url{}