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@@ -77,7 +77,20 @@ been created, allowing to share the same socket between multiple services.
Roughly speaking, GAttrib is a command/response queue shared between multiple
local GATT profiles (server and/or client roles).
+BlueZ exposes a Generic Attribute API \footnote{doc/attribute-api.txt} and
+Profile specific APIs. Generic Attribute API is suitable for proprietary
+services and services that doesn't require to access low level platform
+services. Proximity Path Loss is an example, RSSI needs to be monitored
+on regular intervals to calculate the path loss. It is not related to
+GATT/ATT and read the RSSI requires permission to send a HCI command.
+The reason behind GATT Profile specific API hide from the user GATT/ATT
+internals and move the qualification for the stack instead of the upper
+layer GATT applications.
\subsubsection{Generic Attribute API}