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howto: explain how to enable CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG
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Now, copy the Linux kernel configuration file from Ubuntu as \verb|.config| to
the Linux kernel sources directory, and generate a new configuration based on
-the Ubuntu configuration file.
+the Ubuntu configuration file. Just press {\em Enter} for each question until
+\verb|make oldconfig| returns.
$ cd linux
@@ -117,8 +118,13 @@ $ cp /boot/config-`uname -r` .config
$ make oldconfig
-You should just press Enter for each question until this command returns. Now
-you're ready to compile your kernel. To build and generate a Debian package
+Ubuntu doesn't enable {\em dynamic debug} on its stock kernel, so it should be
+manually enabled to make possible to obtain debug information from the kernel
+later. Edit the \verb|.config| file with your favorite editor, find the line
+that says \verb|# CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG is not set| and substitute the whole
+line with \verb|CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG=y|.
+Now you're ready to compile your kernel. To build and generate a Debian package
that can be installed on Ubuntu the packages {\em fakeroot} and {\em dpkg-dev}
are needed. Make sure they're installed and run: