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+Profile used to interact with data gathered from thermal sensors. There are two
+roles in this profile: {\em Thermometer} and {\em Collector}.
+For devices that support {\em Thermometer Role}, thermal data is stored and
+exposed to {\em Collector}. It is mandatory to have {\em Device Information}
+\cite{dis} service (general device characteristics) and {\em Health
+Thermometer} \cite{hts} service (temperature measurements).
+The {\em Collector Role} connects to {\em Thermometer} to obtain health
+temperatures. {\em Device Information} \cite{dis} service is optional, but
+{\em Health Thermometer} \cite{hts} service is mandatory.
+{\em Thermometer} \cite{htp} profile is implemented in BlueZ and accessible via
+D-Bus (described in {\em doc/thermometer-api.txt}).
+Under \verb|org.bluez.Thermometer| interface, we have:
+\item Methods: SetProperty(), GetProperties(), RegisterWatcher(),
+UnregisterWatcher(), EnableIntermediateMeasurement(),
+\item Signals: PropertyChanged()
+\item Properties: Intermediate, Interval, Maximum, Minimum
+The method \verb|RegisterWatcher| receives a Watcher. That object should
+implement the \verb|MeasurementReceived| method with a dict parameter:
+ "Exponent" : int8,
+ "Mantissa" : int32,
+ "Unit" : ("Celsius" or "Fahrenheit"),
+ "Time" : uint64,
+ "Type" : ("Armpit", "Body", "Ear", "Finger", "Intestines",
+ "Mouth", "Rectum", "Toe", "Tympanum"),
+ "Measurement" : ("Final" or "Intermediate")
+The \verb|Time| value is expressed in seconds since epoch.
+The temperature value is represented by \verb|(mantissa) x (10**exponent)|.
\section{Contact channels}
@@ -178,6 +221,9 @@ For Reporter role:
\bibitem{lls}Link Loss service. \url{}
\bibitem{ias}Immediate Alert service. \url{}
\bibitem{txp}TX Power service. \url{}
+\bibitem{htp}Health Thermometer profile. \url{}
+\bibitem{hts}Health Thermometer service. \url{}
+\bibitem{dis}Device Information service. \url{}