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* Merge branch 'foreign/qu/fsck-lowmem-v2.1-fixups' into develdevelDavid Sterba2016-07-294-3/+1500
| * btrfs-progs: check: introduce low memory modeforeign/qu/fsck-lowmem-v2.1-fixupsLu Fengqi2016-07-292-2/+84
| * btrfs-progs: check: introduce traversal function for fsckLu Fengqi2016-07-291-0/+77
| * btrfs-progs: check: introduce function to speed up fs tree checkLu Fengqi2016-07-291-0/+89
| * btrfs-progs: check: introduce main entry function for checking leaf itemsLu Fengqi2016-07-291-0/+81
| * btrfs-progs: check: introduce function to check chunk itemLu Fengqi2016-07-291-0/+115
| * btrfs-progs: check: introduce function to check block group itemLu Fengqi2016-07-291-0/+125
| * btrfs-progs: check: introduce function to check dev used spaceLu Fengqi2016-07-291-0/+65
| * btrfs-progs: check: introduce function to check dev extent itemLu Fengqi2016-07-291-0/+59
| * btrfs-progs: check: introduce function to check an extentLu Fengqi2016-07-291-0/+120
| * btrfs-progs: check: introduce function to check shared data backrefLu Fengqi2016-07-291-0/+44
| * btrfs-progs: check: introduce function to check referencer for data backrefLu Fengqi2016-07-291-0/+100
| * btrfs-progs: check: introduce function to check shared block refLu Fengqi2016-07-291-0/+43
| * btrfs-progs: check: introduce function to check referencer of a backrefLu Fengqi2016-07-291-0/+98
| * btrfs-progs: check: introduce function to query tree block levelLu Fengqi2016-07-291-0/+76
| * btrfs-progs: check: introduce function to check data backref in extent treeLu Fengqi2016-07-293-1/+159
| * btrfs-progs: check: introduce function to check tree block backref in extent ...Lu Fengqi2016-07-291-0/+165
* Btrfs progs v4.7HEADv4.7masterDavid Sterba2016-07-291-1/+1
* btrfs-progs: update CHANGES for 4.7David Sterba2016-07-291-1/+17
* btrfs-progs: fix memory leak with missing deviceJustin Maggard2016-07-291-0/+2
* btrfs-progs: fix unaligned access in raid6 calculationsDavid Sterba2016-07-291-4/+12
* btrfs-progs: use proper unaligned helper in btrfs_csum_finalDavid Sterba2016-07-291-1/+1
* btrfs-progs: fi defrag: change default extent target size to 32 MiBDavid Sterba2016-07-282-6/+21
* btrfs-progs: Doc: Fix format error in btrfs-sendQu Wenruo2016-07-281-0/+1
* btrfs-progs: handler memory allocation error in write_data_to_diskDavid Sterba2016-07-281-1/+9
* btrfs-progs: handle memory allocation error in __alloc_extent_bufferDavid Sterba2016-07-281-4/+2
* btrfs-progs: update values of EXTENT_* bitsDavid Sterba2016-07-281-12/+12
* btrfs-progs: refactor and extend btrfs_prepare_device argumentsDavid Sterba2016-07-285-16/+28
* btrfs-progs: use values directly for BLOCK_GROUP_ macrosDavid Sterba2016-07-281-4/+4
* btrfs-progs: use unsigned type for extent_buffer flagsDavid Sterba2016-07-281-1/+1
* btrfs-progs: fix unaligned access calculating raid56 dataDavid Sterba2016-07-281-3/+8
* btrfs-progs: kerncompat: introduce put_unaligned_x helpersDavid Sterba2016-07-281-0/+4
* btrfs-progs: docs: update btrfs-balance manual pageDavid Sterba2016-07-281-2/+3
* btrfs-progs: balance: add another (shorter) option for backgroundDavid Sterba2016-07-261-1/+3
* btrfs-progs: balance: silence compiler warningDavid Sterba2016-07-261-1/+6
* btrfs-progs: add option to run balance as daemonAustin S. Hemmelgarn2016-07-262-1/+43
* btrfs-progs: fix btrfsck of space_cache=v2 bitmaps on big-endianOmar Sandoval2016-07-263-2/+22
* btrfs-progs: corrupt block: handle eb read and write errorsDavid Sterba2016-07-151-1/+13
* btrfs-progs: corrupt block: handle block mapping errors in debug_corrupt_blockDavid Sterba2016-07-151-2/+10
* btrfs-progs: corrupt block: pass eb as argument to debug_corrupt_blockDavid Sterba2016-07-151-11/+16
* btrfs-progs: image: fix minor resource leakDavid Sterba2016-07-151-0/+1
* btrfs-progs: handle ulist_add errors in qgroup-verifyDavid Sterba2016-07-151-5/+18
* Btrfs-progs: fix btrfs-map-logical to only print extent mapping infoLiu Bo2016-07-151-0/+5
* btrfs-progs: tests: add 007-unsupported-block-sizesDavid Sterba2016-07-151-0/+21
* btrfs-progs: docs: update btrfs manual pageDavid Sterba2016-07-151-2/+29
* btrfs-progs: docs: update btrfs-convert manual pageDavid Sterba2016-07-151-12/+21
* btrfs-progs: docs: update btrfs-filesystem manual pageDavid Sterba2016-07-141-3/+4
* btrfs-progs: docs: update btrfs-scrub manual pageDavid Sterba2016-07-141-10/+22
* btrfs-progs: do not set optind if not necessaryDavid Sterba2016-07-1311-20/+0
* btrfs-progs: balance: use errno directlyDavid Sterba2016-07-131-31/+16