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Clarify description of the -p, -n, and -y options in the e2fsck man page.
Signed-off-by: "Theodore Ts'o" <tytso@mit.edu>
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@@ -226,10 +226,31 @@ options are specified in addition to the
.B \-n
option, then the filesystem will be opened read-write, to permit the
bad-blocks list to be updated. However, no other changes will be made
-to the filesystem.)
+to the filesystem.) This option
+may not be specified at the same time as the
+.B \-p
+.B \-y
.B \-p
-Automatically repair ("preen") the file system without any questions.
+Automatically repair ("preen") the file system. This option will case
+.B e2fsck
+to automatically
+fix any filesystem problems that can be safely fixed without human
+intervention. If
+.B e2fsck
+discovers a problem which may require the system administrator
+to take additional corrective action,
+.B e2fsck
+will print a description of the problem and then exit with the value 4
+logically or'ed into the exit code. (See the \fBEXIT CODE\fR section.)
+This option is normally used by the system's boot scripts. It may not
+be specified at the same time as the
+.B \-n
+.B \-y
.B \-r
This option does nothing at all; it is provided only for backwards
@@ -261,7 +282,12 @@ Print version information and exit.
.B \-y
Assume an answer of `yes' to all questions; allows
.B e2fsck
-to be used non-interactively.
+to be used non-interactively. This option
+may not be specified at the same time as the
+.B \-n
+.B \-p
The exit code returned by
.B e2fsck