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-E2fsprogs 1.39-WIP (December 10, 2005)
+E2fsprogs 1.39-WIP (December 31, 2005)
+E2fsck will now consult a configuration file, /etc/e2fsck.conf to
+control how various options should be handled. The configuration file
+uses an extended Windows .ini file format. A configuration file is
+broken into multiple stanza's, where a stanza is begun by a line
+containing the stanza label in square brackets, e.g., "[options]".
+After the stanza label, one or more key/value pairs can be specified
+using the syntax: "key = value". The key may not contain any spaces,
+although whitespace may appear before the key, and spaces before or
+after the equal sign are also ignored.
+Add support to /etc/e2fsck.conf for the boolean configuration
+parameter allow_cancellation in the options stanza:
+ [options]
+ allow_cancellation = true
+If allow_cancellation is specified, then if the user interrupts e2fsck
+with a ^C, if the filesystem does not have any known problems, and was
+known to be cleanly unmounted, then e2fsck will exit with a status
+code of 0 instead of 32 (FSCK_CANCELED) so that the bootup scripts
+will continue without stopping the boot. (Addresses Debian Bug:
+Add support to /etc/e2fsck.conf for the problems stanza, which allows
+a system adminsitrator to customize how e2fsck will handle a
+particular filesystem problem. For example the following will prevent
+orphaned files from stopping the boot process:
+ [problems]
+ 0x040002 = {
+ preen_ok = true
+ description = "@u @i %i. "
+ }
+(Of course, this is not always a good idea, since critical files that
+are needed for the security of the system could potentially end up in
+lost+found, and starting the system without first having a system
+administrator checkthings out may be dangerous.) Currently, the
+following parameters are supported for each problem code: description,
+preen_ok, no_ok, no_default, print_message_only, preen_nomessage,
+no_collate, no_nomsg, preen_noheader. It will be necessary to consult
+the e2fsck source code to find specific problem codes, and the
+meanings of the various problem handling flags.
E2fsck will detect if the superblock's last mount field or last write
field is in the future, and offer to fix if so. (Addresses Debian Bug
+#327580) These problems will be fixed automatically in preen mode
+since Debian's boot sequence bogusly doesn't set the time correctly
+until potentially very late in the bootup process, and this can cause
+false positives which will cause users' systems to fail to boot.
+(Addresses Debian Bugs #343662 and #343645)
Fix e2fsck from segfaulting on disconnected inodes that contain one or
more extended attributes. (Addresses Debian Bug: #316736, #318463)
@@ -11,6 +61,9 @@ more extended attributes. (Addresses Debian Bug: #316736, #318463)
E2fsck will stop and print a warning if the user tries running a
read/write badblocks test on a read-only mounted root filesystem.
+When resizing a file containing a filesystem, resize2fs will expand or
+truncate a file as necessary. (Addresses Debian Bug: #271607)
Fix mke2fs so that it correctly creates external journals on
big-endian machines (such as a S/390).
@@ -59,11 +112,11 @@ Fix use-after-free bug in e2fsck when finishing up the use of the
e2fsck context structure.
Fixed spelling mistakes, typos, and otherwise clarified man pages.
-(Addresses Debian Bugs: #329859, #322188, #316811)
+(Addresses Debian Bugs: #329859, #322188, #316811, #312515)
Fixed various Debian packaging issues --- see debian/changelog for
details. (Addresses Debian Bugs #317862, #320389, #290429, #310950,
+#310428, #330737, #330736, #329074)
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