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+E2fsprogs 1.42.7 (January 1, 2013)
+Add some new options to filefrag from Lustre's patches to e2fsprogs:
+ * add -k option to print extents in kB-sized units (like df -k)
+ * add -b {blocksize} to print extents in blocksize units
+ * add -e option to print extent format, even when FIBMAP is used
+ * add -X option to print extents in hexadecimal format
+Fix resize2fs so that it can handle off-line resizes of file systems
+with the flex_bg feature but without a resize_inode (or if we run out
+of reserved gdt blocks). This also fixes a problem where if the user
+creates a filesystem with a restricted number of reserved gdt blocks,
+an off-line resize which grows the file system could potentially
+result in file system corruption.
+Fix a bug in mke2fs where parsing "-E resize=NNN" will result in a
+mke2fs crash due to a divide-by-zero if the 64bit file system feature
+is enabled.
+Add to debugfs the functionality to corrupt a specific file system
+block via the "zap_block" command.
+Add to debugfs the functionality to print out a hex dump of a block in
+the file system via the "block_dump" command.
+Add to debugfs the functionality to manipulate the extent tree
+directly via the "extent_open" command.
+Fix e2fsck so it can detect and fix inconsistencies in the interior
+nodes of an inode's extent tree.
+Fix mke2fs's handling of the mmp_update_interval option. (Addresses
+Lustre Bug: LU-1888)
+If e2fsprogs is compiled without --enable-quota, make sure that
+tune2fs can not turn on the feature for new-style quota support, since
+afterwards, none of the e2fsprogs tools will be willing to touch that
+file system.
+Optimize e2fsck's so that it uses much less CPU for large file
+systems. This can result in significant speedups, especially on
+CPU-constrained systems. This was primarily done by optimizing
+libext2fs's bitmap functions. (Addresses Google Bug: #7534813)
+Fix debugfs's htree command so that all its messages are sent through
+the pager.
+Fixed debugfs's "dump_file" and "cat" functions work correctly
+on file systems whose block size is greater than 8k.
+Fix e2freefrag so it works on 64-bit file systems, and so it uses much
+less memory. (Addresses Google Bug: 7269948)
+Programmer's Notes
+Fix gcc -Wall nits.
+Fix a spelling typo in the libext2fs texinfo documentation.
+Change the output from "make check" so that tools such as emacs's "M-x
+compile" does not mistake the output as containing a compiler error.
+Export two new functions from libext2fs: ext2fs_extent_node_split()
+and ext2fs_extent_goto2().
+The ext2fs_extents_fix_parents() was fixed so it does not modify the
+location of the extent handle if its current location is at an
+interior node, rather than a leaf node of an inode's extent tree.
+Add a regression test to assure that e2fsck can correctl fix an
+inconsistent interior node in an inode's extent tree.
+Fixed the help text in the configure script for --enable-quota.
+The m68k-specific bitops code has been removed since they were
+incorrectly treating bit numbers with the high bit set as signed
+integers. Furthermore, modern compilers do a good enough job
+optimizing the generic code there is no point in having the m68k
+specific asm statements.
+Fixed how we link the test programs so they always use the static
+libraries, so that we test using the libraries which we have just
E2fsprogs 1.42.6 (September 21, 2012)