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* resize2fs: move a cluster at a time with bigalloc file systemsTheodore Ts'o2013-01-201-5/+23
* resize2fs: correctly account for clusters when calculating summary statsTheodore Ts'o2013-01-191-13/+24
* Fix 32-bit overflow problems: dgrp_t * s_blocks_per_groupTheodore Ts'o2013-01-051-6/+4
* resize2fs: use [un]mark_block_range bitmap functions to reduce CPU usageTheodore Ts'o2013-01-031-43/+24
* resize2fs: add resource tracking as a debug optionTheodore Ts'o2013-01-031-10/+40
* resize2fs: fix 32-bit overflow when calculating the number of free blocksTheodore Ts'o2013-01-031-6/+6
* resize2fs: fix 32-bit overflow issue which can corrupt 64-bit file systemsTheodore Ts'o2013-01-031-4/+2
* resize2fs: create optimized flex_bg block groupsTheodore Ts'o2012-12-291-22/+0
* resize2fs: handle bg descriptors which overlap with other bg's metadataTheodore Ts'o2012-12-291-4/+31
* resize2fs: reserve all metadata blocks for flex_bg file systemsTheodore Ts'o2012-12-291-0/+22
* resize2fs: reserve fs metadata blocks first in blocks_to_move()Theodore Ts'o2012-12-291-11/+12
* resize2fs: fix gcc -Wall nits and valgrind complaintsTheodore Ts'o2012-11-291-15/+3
* resize2fs: grow uninit_bg file systems more efficientlyTheodore Ts'o2012-09-131-3/+25
* resize2fs: fix overhead calculation for meta_bg file systemsTheodore Ts'o2012-09-131-32/+45
* resize2fs: take s_first_data_block into account for resize2fs -MJan Kara2012-02-171-0/+1
* libext2fs: ext2fs_[set_]file_acl_block needs to check for 64-bit feature flagTheodore Ts'o2011-10-161-4/+5
* resize2fs: don't fail when shrinking an empty file systemTheodore Ts'o2011-10-161-1/+1
* Shorten compile commands run by the build systemTheodore Ts'o2011-09-181-0/+1
* e2fsprogs: add ext2fs_group_blocks_count helperEric Sandeen2011-09-161-12/+4
* ext2fs: Handle internal journal over 2^32 bytesAndreas Dilger2011-06-111-0/+1
* resize2fs: fix computation of the real end of the bitmap to be 64-bitTheodore Ts'o2011-01-071-4/+4
* Merge branch 'maint' into nextTheodore Ts'o2010-12-221-15/+0
| * resize2fs: do not clear resize inode for 0 resvd blocksEric Sandeen2010-12-221-15/+0
* | resize2fs: Fix up to be 64-bit block number safeValerie Aurora Henson2010-06-131-56/+60
* | Merge branch 'maint' into nextTheodore Ts'o2010-02-101-0/+4
| * resize2fs: Fix fix uninit group test accessing invalid memoryTheodore Ts'o2010-02-051-0/+4
* | Merge branch 'maint' into nextTheodore Ts'o2009-11-161-0/+4
| * resize2fs: exit fix_sb_journal_backup early for external journalEric Sandeen2009-11-121-0/+4
* | Convert ext2fs_group_of_blk() to ext2fs_group_of_blk2()Theodore Ts'o2009-10-251-1/+1
* | Convert ext2fs_block_alloc_stats() calls to block_alloc_stats2()Valerie Aurora Henson2009-10-251-11/+11
* | Convert to use block group accessor functionsValerie Aurora Henson2009-10-251-56/+51
* | libext2fs: Convert ext2fs_bg_flag_test() to ext2fs_bg_flags_test()Theodore Ts'o2009-10-251-8/+7
* | libext2fs: clean up ext2fs_bg_flags_ interfacesEric Sandeen2009-10-251-6/+5
* | Convert uses of super->s_*_blocks_count to ext2fs_*_blocks_count()Valerie Aurora Henson2009-09-071-50/+56
* | Use ext2fs_file_acl_block() instead of using .i_file_acl directlyValerie Aurora Henson2009-09-071-3/+3
* | Use accessor functions fields for bg_flags in the block group descriptorsTheodore Ts'o2009-09-071-16/+16
* | Convert to use io_channel_read_blk64() and io_channel_write_blk64()Valerie Aurora Henson2009-09-071-18/+18
* | Merge branch 'maint' into nextTheodore Ts'o2009-09-071-3/+17
| * resize2fs: fix minimum resize size calculation with flex_bgPeng Tao2009-09-071-3/+17
* | resize2fs: Move everything to new bitmap interfaceValerie Aurora Henson2009-08-221-41/+41
* resize2fs: If resize2fs fails, tell the user to run e2fsckTheodore Ts'o2009-07-111-0/+5
* resize2fs: update sb journal backup if journal was movedEric Sandeen2009-06-181-0/+27
* resize2fs: fix miscellaneous memory leaksTheodore Ts'o2009-06-151-0/+4
* resize2fs: fix minimum size calculationsEric Sandeen2009-05-251-0/+6
* resize2fs: Fix corruption bug impacting ext4 filesystems with uninit_bgTheodore Ts'o2009-04-181-1/+1
* resize2fs: Fix data corruption bug when shrinking the inode table for ext4Theodore Ts'o2009-04-181-14/+42
* resize2fs: Fix data corruption bug when growing an ext4 filesystem off-lineTheodore Ts'o2009-04-181-0/+21
* remove useless if-before-free testsJim Meyering2009-03-081-2/+1
* resize2fs: Reserve some extra space for -P/-M for ext4 filesystemsTheodore Ts'o2009-01-201-0/+8
* resize2fs: Release bitmap and itable blocks in flex_bg filesystemsTheodore Ts'o2009-01-191-0/+37